Say Thank You with Waitrose

Saying Thank You – Champagne, Lobster and Macarons:

Have you noticed that Waitrose have a rather special promotion running at the moment?  If you order on-line, either to have your shopping delivered OR to collect it in store, they will give you a free bottle of Champagne.   They asked me if I’d like the chance to use the promotion to say ‘Thank-You’ to someone – a great way to use some Champagne – and rather kindly sent me a voucher to spend at Waitrose so that I could make that ‘Thank-You’ even more special.

Simon and fizz

I’m in a situation where there are LOTS of people I owe a thank-you to.  Firstly there are people who cared for me while I looked after my Mum and who supported me through some very bad moments.  People who put up with having their heads bitten off because I was upset, fragile and unable to cope very well.  Then there are people who have helped me re-build something, who have encouraged me and supported me.  My family have been there and my friends.  It was hard to choose one person to thank but in the end I picked Simon.

Simon and Macarons

Of course he has always been there for me.  As a friend and as a business partner.  He deserves a special Thank-You though for being there for me even when he’s had plenty of challenges himself.  And, he does ALL sorts of things that just make my life easy.  For a start, he pops up to change light bulbs (even at the top of the ladder I can’t reach the halogen spots).  He fixes, mends, builds and generally sorts out a whole load of problems around the house.  He’s even installed a washing machine for me.

Waitrose for Simon

He also hosts this blog.  And, when it all goes wrong, instead of talking to someone I’ve never met, I call him up.  Pretty much any time of the day or night.  I don’t pay for my hosting but he’ll still go over to the hosting centre, reboot and rebuild and generally get things going again. Sometimes he drives me completely nuts and I threaten to move.  But, I don’t honestly believe I’d get the 24×7 support that Simon provides from anyone else.

shopping from waitrose

Anyway.  On Monday we met up and went to pick up my Waitrose goodies.  Champagne, lobster, olives and manchego and of course macarons.

A little celebration at home with some champagne, macarons and the olives and manchego.  But, in the end I’d really eaten far too much.  So, I sent my business partner home with the lobster and the rest of the macarons.  Apparently the macarons went almost immediately.

Belle and the macaron

I do know that his daughter rather likes macarons.

Waitrose Lobster

What I didn’t know was that she also loves lobster.  From the photo (her supper the next day!)  I suspect SHE didn’t know she loved lobster…

Belle and the Lobster


Thank-you to Simon.  Thank-you to Belle for lending me your Dad.

You both deserve lobster and macarons every day of the week.  And thank you to Waitrose for providing us with some lovely fizz and a rather special feast, with minimal effort on my part.




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  1. says

    Oh those macarons are lovely, I tried them, really nice.
    I had a letter from Waitrose, saying as you haven’t ordered your online groceries with us for a while, how about you do an order this month and we’ll send you a bottle of champagne. Then I found out that everybody could get a bottle if they place an order, which somehow didn’t make me feel special at all. sob, and I thought they truly missed me. 😉

  2. says

    Ooooh that lobster looks so lovely! I made Macarons using the champers and some chocolate. Was delicious and thankfully only used three tbsp so I drank the rest! Cheers!

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