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Review:  Just-Eat – Naked Nosh:

Under normal circumstances I probably eat out a little too much to be a JUST-EAT regular customer.  But, there are times when I am quite happy to curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and wait for dinner to come to me.

Just-Eat Takeaway Restaurant

I’d heard great things about Just-Eat, the home delivery service that allows you to choose from all sorts of different menu options.  So I was quite pleased to be asked to review the service. Over Christmas when I had my brother staying for a couple of weeks, I got tired of cooking every day.  What better time to indulge and take things easy?  Especially as my first attempt at reviewing Just-Eat had ended in tears – nothing to do with the home delivery service I hasten to add, but everything to do with a stomach virus that was doing the rounds.  I went to a friend’s house, intending to try the menu with her and her daughter.  But, she wasn’t well and it was all I could do to get her to try a mouthful or two of the food…and then, a few days later I got the same virus.

burger naked nosh

After I recovered it was almost Christmas and I simply wasn’t at home for a week or two, so, it wasn’t until the holiday season that I had another chance to try.  This time I was at home and in dire need of a break from cooking for my brother (you see those of us who are single bemoan cooking for ourselves until we HAVE to cook for someone else, at which point commitment, whether romantic or of the family variety, becomes a dirty word).  We went online to check out what JUST-EAT had to offer in our area – from Pizza to Curry, there’s really a lot of choice with Just-Eat in London.  One place caught my eye though.

chicken - just eat - Naked Nosh - packaging

Naked Nosh does have quite a reputation in Fulham.  I used to meet up with friends in a pub that didn’t serve food, but DID use Naked Nosh to deliver. I hadn’t realised that I could order from them to my door, so I was already enthusiastic.  My brother was curious and wanted to see if he could order a normal ‘pub’ style meal.

So, in went our order.  The burger, for my brother, with chips, salad and harissa mayo and a ‘healthy’ chicken with artichoke and olives, ratatouille and gratin.  Followed by a sticky toffee pudding and a baked summer berry cheesecake.

chicken - just eat - naked nosh

Well I have to say we were impressed.  The order was very easy to make and the website intuitive.  It arrived exactly at the time we’d set when we placed it and, for the most part it was hot enough not to need reheating.

naked nosh burger and chips

My brother had put in the most challenging request – burger and chips is food that personally I’d avoid because the chips can spoil easily and the burger needs to be piping hot.  Somehow it stayed good though and my brother reckoned it was every good as something you  might order in a gastro-pub.  My healthy chicken breast was full of flavour and clearly cooked with fresh herbs.  Delicious.  Everything arrived in foil trays so you COULD have popped the food into a hot oven if you wanted to heat it up a bit, but we didn’t find the main courses needed any help.  We did however, put the desserts in a warm oven to stay hot while we ate.

Naked Nosh Just-Eat Sticky Toffee Pudding

The sticky toffee pudding was a real winner and I didn’t even feel the need to add the organic double cream that arrived to accompany it.  Well, not ALL of it anyway…

Naked Nosh Baked Summer Berry Cheesecake from Just-Eat

Baked summer berry cheesecake didn’t look quite as ‘perfect’, perhaps we kept it warm for just too long,  but it did, apparently, hit the spot.

All in, the meal would have cost £44.10  – not cheap, but rather less than the equivalent English gastropub food from my local here in Fulham.  And, there was more than enough for two – I had all sorts of leftovers for the next day.  And the result was pretty close to a dining out experience, although the chips lost just a little bit of crispness in transit.  A great way to indulge yourself if you don’t feel like cooking or going out, but do want to eat something special.

With many thanks to Just-Eat for the chance to try some great gastropub food at home. Find out more about what is available in your area on the JUST-EAT Site.

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  1. What a great post and that burger looks amazing!! Nom!

    Helen X

  2. People don’t understand food bloggers don’t always want to cook or go out so it’s nice to have a good fall back on plan!

  3. drooling here! ive ordered off just eat plenty of times especially whilst at uni haha

    • it’s an interesting service because you seem to be able to order pretty much anything…from relatively posh stuff through to pizza and chicken and chips!

  4. I wonder if they have a restaurant? When I travel to England, I would love to have a sit down meal.

  5. Interesting idea. Here in NY we have Seamless, which allows us to order from every neighborhood restaurant that delivers. Order on line, pay on line, and you can even include the tip!

  6. I agree that delivered food is awesome! When we are in writing and editing mode, we also use Seamless (we’re in NYC). Quality is generally good, but varies depending on the restaurant. Naked Nosh sounds like it all comes from one spot?

    • Naked nosh does, but Just-eat (the ordering ‘vehicle’)is probably like seamless (or maybe not, we also have something called deliverance – which allows a single household to order a mixture of dishes from different places)

  7. Great review about Just-eat, I have never used the service as I was convinced it would be a disaster but perhaps I will give it another whirl.

    Beth :)

  8. Great review Fiona! My OH would love the burger! And me obviously…desserts! :D

  9. Sounds like a great night in. I haven’t tried Just-Eat myself but will investigate to see what is offered locally.

  10. Great service available in 13 countries but not the U.S. Glad it worked out this time for you.

  11. Well it all looks and sounds utterly delectable Fiona and I am all for a night in if someone else a) delivers or b) has prepared the food beforehand! Karen

  12. Love it, the only thing we can get delivered here in the Cornish backwaters is a Chinese and sadly one I’m not all that keen on.
    Janie x

  13. I love Naked Nosh who are two doors from my hairdressers, when I am having my highlights done I book a 12 appointment, order lunch from Naked Nosh who deliver it to my to eat whilst the colour takes. Very civilised indeed.

  14. I could really do with something like this right now, but sadly we live just too far from anywhere to get food delivered. Some nice looking dishes there.

  15. Oh to live in central London and have such fab food available for delivery! There’s a few dodgy chinese and an ok Indian that delivery. That’s all! Naked Nosh sounds like a fab option for staying in and still have great gastro pub food. Must check out the Just Eat site too, might even discover some other take aways in my area that deliver!

  16. I love ordering my takeaways online now, I feel bit sorry for the local Chinese takeaway as I’ve discovered an Indian one that keeps getting our custom. I find the website a bit glitchy but the service is reliable.

  17. We use the service from time to time, it is handy being able to look through all the menus.

  18. Never tried Just Eat before but that burger and sticky toffee pudding looks amazing.

  19. Sounds like a great service and the food looks pretty good. Not sure I’d get quite the same variety of options here in rural Somerset but will take a look at their site to check…

  20. I wish we had this here in Los Angeles. It sounds fabulous. We don’t have a lot of delivery services outside of pizza!

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