Pancake Day Hamper #Giveaway from Abra ca Debora

 Pancake Day – March 4th 2014

Abra ca Debora pancake hamper

Every year, like a stone running downhill, dates in my diary seem to appear faster and faster.  I’m just getting over Christmas and Valentine’s day and already it’s almost time for Pancake Day – Shrove Tuesday.  This year the lovely people over at  Abra-Ca-Debora,  have offered me a pancake hamper as a giveaway for London-Unattached readers. You’ll get a wonderful selection of pancakes and toppings to make scrumptious meals long after pancake day has passed.  You’ll find lots of ideas on the recipe page of their site.  Meanwhile if you can’t wait, why not check out my classic pancake recipe or, for something a little healthier my 3 ingredient banana pancake .
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So why not have a go – just follow the rafflecopter through.  Good luck!

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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love sugar and lemon juice x

  2. Ashleigh Allan says:


  3. Tracey Peach says:

    I Love The Traditional Lemon & Sugar Best, But Do Also Like Maple Syrup Too

  4. Catherine Culmer says:

    Cheese & Marmite

  5. iain maciver says:


  6. Edward Guerreiro says:

    Boring I know, but lemon and sugar.

  7. I love peanut butter, chocolate spread and banana – all together!

  8. Maple Syrup

  9. sue hodges says:

    golden syrup

  10. Toffee sauce and banana, yum!

  11. nat thomason says:

    lemon and sugar

  12. OJ and sugar!

  13. Strawberry and ice cream

  14. Chris davies says:

    Lemon and sugar

  15. Paul Wilson says:

    Lemon juice and sugar.

  16. Dutch spiced apple

  17. Nutella and banana

  18. Maple Syrup :)

  19. Sarah Cooper says:

    Sugar and raisins.

  20. Kim Neville says:

    Hot chocolate sauce

  21. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    Lemon and sugar-classic!

  22. EMMA WALTERS says:

    maple syrup

  23. laura banks says:

    maple syrup

  24. Maple Syrup!

  25. Holly Smith says:

    maple syrup

  26. Orange and sugar :) yummy

  27. Helen Battle says:

    Raspberry vinegar

  28. sarah birkett says:

    lemon and sugar please

  29. Michelle Bamber says:


  30. Bacon :)

  31. Golden syrup

  32. Banana and golden syrup :)

  33. Deborah Williams says:


  34. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Strawberries+ banana+ Nutella= yummy :)

  35. Karen C(@Swimstar2000) says:

    Lemon juice and golden syrup

  36. Maple Syrup

  37. clair dutton says:


  38. Dawn Costen says:

    Lemon Juice and Sugar for me!

  39. julie laing says:

    toffee sauce

  40. jenna rothen says:

    lemon and sugar

  41. Lemon and maple syrup

  42. Cyra Bellamy says:

    Golden syrup

  43. Good old sugar and lemon for me :) x

  44. chocolate and banana

  45. lemon and sugar 😀

  46. Paula Harvey says:

    Strawberries and Ice Cream 😀

  47. Rachel Craig says:

    Topping :- Lemon juice and sprinkling of sugar.

  48. Fresh cherries (or banana) and cream.

  49. Herbert Appleby says:

    fresh lemon a maple syrup

  50. Carrie Ashton says:

    Sugar and lemon juice

  51. Something savoury like brie and grape.

  52. Got to be maple syrup yum! x

  53. Maya Russell says:

    Strawberry jam

  54. Hannah ONeill says:

    Lemon and sugar

  55. dawn thompson says:

    Chocolate mousse with rasberries

  56. emma falvi says:

    chocolate spread

  57. I prefer savoury ones like cheese and mushroom but my husband loves just sugar and lemon juice.

  58. Good old lemon and sugar for me

  59. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says:

    Maple syrup and whipped cream

  60. lynn mitchell says:

    i love honey its so yummy hee hee

  61. kellyjo walters says:

    brown sugar, lemon and saltanas

  62. claire WOODS says:

    Lemon and sugar

  63. Helen Grayson says:

    Savoury – Ham and Cheese

    Sweet – Lemon

  64. Angela Kelly says:

    Golden Syrup

  65. i’m a nice and easy lemon and sugar kinda girl 😀

  66. Maple Syrup

  67. gemma clark says:

    I am traditional and love lemon and sugar!

  68. I like mine really thin with lemon and sugar

  69. Christina Curtis says:

    Lemon and Sugar

  70. Rachel Arnup says:

    Maple Syrup and Vanilla Ice Cream!

  71. Jan Wroblewski says:

    Strawberry Jam + freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  72. clair downham says:

    lemon and sugar

  73. sugar and lemon is my favourite closely followed by nutella!

  74. laura jayne bates says:

    sugar and lemon

  75. strawberries and condensed milk :)

  76. Melissa Red says:

    Lemon juice and sugar

  77. Chris Davies says:


  78. Kathi Crane says:

    Butter, Lemon and Sugar

  79. sian hallewell says:

    lemon & sugar

  80. Michelle D says:

    Ice Cream

  81. lemon and sugar!

  82. Lemon and sugar

  83. Stephanie Tsang says:

    Strawberries and ice cream.

  84. Paul Anthony Gallagher says:

    Banana with maple syrup

  85. Kelly Dutton says:

    Orange and sugar

  86. Honey every time!

  87. Jackie ONeill says:

    sugar and lemon

  88. Honey & Lemon

  89. Sophia Kearney says:

    just sugar

  90. LINDSEY CLARK says:

    Maple Syrup

  91. katie skeoch says:

    love banana and cream xx

  92. Robert Lambert’s Cherries in Merlot with whipped cream. This looks like too much fun!

  93. Ruth Harwood says:

    I love my pancakes simple, with lemon juice and a little sugar :)

  94. Lemon and sugar


    salted caramel

  96. Laura Baker says:

    Lemon and sugar – classic!

  97. Sophie Simpson says:

    Strawberry jam

  98. Charlotte Ingham says:

    Lemon and Sugar :)

  99. jennifer thorpe says:

    lemon and sugar

  100. Strawberries!

  101. Janice Mackin says:

    Strawberry jam

  102. lemon juice & sugar

  103. Shelley Hawkins says:


  104. jam and lemon juice

  105. lyn burgess says:

    sugar and lemon

  106. Greig Spencer says:

    sugar and lemon

  107. Richard Rowley says:

    Lemon and sugar

  108. Karen Knowlton says:

    Nutella & Chopped Banana, yum!

  109. chocolate and peanut butter

  110. Amanda Mallows says:

    Maple Syrup is my favourite, although melted chocolate is a close second.

  111. kelli flanagan says:

    Lemon juice & sugar

  112. lynn savage says:

    I love fruit and yogurt on my pancakes

  113. Diane Radford says:

    Chilli and dark chocolate

  114. paula burnside says:

    Nutella and squirty cream

  115. Freshly chopped berries n loads of maple syrup sliding down the sides ummm

  116. maple syrup

  117. DAWN TOTTON says:

    Yummy golden syrup.

  118. Strawberries and Nutella

  119. Daisy Craydon says:

    Blueberries and natural yoghurt.

  120. nutella :)

  121. Katherine L says:

    I love nutella with my pancakes :)

  122. Christina Brown says:

    Lemon and sugar 😀

  123. lorraine stone says:

    Lemon and sugar xx

  124. We do savory ones usually with spiced chickpea and tomato sauce with cheese 😀

  125. maria blythin says:

    lemon juice and sugar x

  126. jo hutchinson says:

    chocolate spread

  127. Pure unadulterated BUTTER!

  128. Christine Caple says:

    Lemon and sugar

  129. lisa maguire says:

    melted nutella!

  130. Janine Phillips says:

    Warm spiced berries x

  131. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Banana & Syrup

  132. Strawberry jam :)

  133. faye huntington says:

    maple syrup :) faye xx

  134. Rey Chunara says:

    I like savoury toppings like spicy chicken

  135. Smarties! They all melt in the middle and yummmmm :)

    @auntygeek (Twitter)

  136. Natalie White says:

    Lots of lemon and a pinch of sugar 😀

  137. William Gould says:

    Lemon juice and sugar!

  138. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Nothing bests traditional lemon and caster sugar


    plain and simple – sugar and lemon juice

  140. Tammy Tudor says:

    chocolate sauce :)

  141. chocolate

  142. charlotte wilde says:

    sugar and lemon!

  143. Clint Howat says:


  144. Mickie Bull says:

    Lemon juice & Sugar

  145. Sugar and lemon or Lemon curd

  146. Jessica Watson says:

    Blueberries and cream! YUM!!!

  147. Sarah Bavington-Smith says:

    Maple syrup and bacon :-)

  148. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    Ice cream and blueberries

  149. Audrey Van Rensburg says:

    I love brown sugar & cinnamon with a sprinkle of lemon juice

  150. Tracey Gwynne says:

    Lemon juice and sugar

  151. Melissa Smith says:

    I love Lemon and Sugar always :)

  152. Linda spevick says:


  153. Jenny Shannon says:

    sugar and fresh lemon.

  154. Stacey Carnell says:

    Bananas and ice cream Mmmm :)

  155. Maple syrup and bacon, or lemon and sugar.

  156. adele knight says:

    Golden Syrup :)

  157. Maple syrup

  158. I Flipping love Lemon and Sugar

  159. Amanda Richardson says:

    sliced banana with chocolates sauce stacked pancakes with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the top!

  160. Stewed apple with cinnamon and creme fraiche

  161. Lemon and sugar.

  162. Penny Wilsher says:

    lemon juice and sugar

  163. MARGARET GARROD says:

    A squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a spoonful of sugar.

  164. Lynne OConnor says:

    lemon and sugar

  165. Maple syrup

  166. Joanne Welsh says:

    Fudge sauce and ice cream

  167. catherine killen says:

    Chocolate sauce and thick cream- yum!

  168. Traditional lemon juice and sugar for me

  169. caroline kelly says:

    Lemon and sugar all the way!

  170. Richard Turner says:

    syrup & nuts

  171. Sue Obrien says:

    I love the trad lemon and sugar. Simple but the best!

  172. Patricia Avery says:

    Golden syrup over the pancake, rolled up then sprinkled with lemon juice and sugar, not exactly healthy but delicious :)

  173. Christine Evans says:

    With chocolate sauce! Delicious!

  174. dawn obrien says:

    pecans and maple syrup..crunchy and sweet and sticky

  175. Good quality runny honey. My guys like sweet concoctions of cream, jam, fresh banana slices etc

  176. Gwen Carter says:

    Lemon juice and sugar . Delicious!

  177. Stefan Ingram says:

    I have a very sweet tooth so it has got to be Nutella chocolate spread

  178. Angela Youngman says:

    apple, blueberries and ice cream

  179. i normally go for the standard lemon juice and sugar but fancy experimenting with chocolate this year :)

  180. Sand Henderson says:

    Brie and cranberry sauce.

  181. Suzanne Jackson says:

    ice cream and berries

  182. Fiona Mallard says:

    Lemon juice and sugar

  183. syrup

  184. Andrew Halliwell says:


  185. theresa cooke says:

    I always have Lemon and sugar and then Nutella and strawberries and then rotate until they have all gone !

  186. Sheila Reeves says:

    lemon juice & sugar – still a classic and much loved in this house

  187. chocolate and raisins :)

  188. Daniel Stacey says:


  189. Kelly Hooper says:

    Sugar and lemon

  190. Teresa Lee says:

    Banana, whipped cream and syrup

  191. Emma Sant says:

    Lemon and sugar.

  192. lorraine polley says:

    love chocolate spread on pancakes

  193. Sue Stevenson says:

    Black Cherries soaked Brandy wih Greek Yogurt

  194. Karen Smith says:

    Traditional lemon and sugar for me

  195. melanie stirling says:

    lemon and sugar

  196. Lucy Irving says:

    maple syrup

  197. Mark Palmer says:


  198. The classic lemon juice and sugar is the best for me :)

  199. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Sugar and lemon for me too

  200. Wow. This would be perfect in out house

  201. Lisa Everaert says:

    Honey and crushed almonds = nom nom

  202. Clotted cream with seedless strawberry jam mmm

  203. louise e bennett says:


  204. I love mine with chocolate spread and fresh strawberries

  205. Karen Barrett says:

    I love lemon juice and sugar

  206. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Nutella but I will also try out your healthier banana pancake recipe

  207. David Jackson says:

    sugar and lemon juice

  208. Jennifer Rhymer says:

    Warm red berries wrapped in a pancake with a drizzle of raspberry coulis on top & served with vanilla ice cream :)

  209. Laura Costello says:

    A shed load of nutella x

  210. Alice Hindley says:

    Fresh Lemon juice and Sugar

  211. Keith Stepney says:

    Lemon and sugar

  212. angela sandhu says:


  213. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    Banana and choc sprinkles

  214. karen cowley says:

    I usually have traditional lemon and sugar but this year have made an apple an cinnamon which is lush xxx

  215. Lemon and sugar

  216. nutella and strawberry!

  217. Louise C says:

    Lemon & sugar.

  218. tracey gibbons says:

    banana, toffee sauce and squirty cream

  219. sj wesley says:

    Maple syrup x

  220. Eve Burke says:

    lemon and sugar

  221. Clare F Wood says:


  222. Laura Murray says:

    Ice cream, banana and crushed cadburys flake

  223. claire wilkinson says:

    gp;den syrup lemon juice and sugar then on ash wednesday we have corned beef hash and pancakes

  224. Allison says:

    Lemon, sugar and a dollop of golden syrup

  225. justine meyer says:

    syrup please

  226. JEN HARRIS says:

    golden syrup and sugar

  227. Karen R says:

    I love the old favourite of lemon juice and sugar :)

  228. Joanna Sawka says:

    a raspberry syrup

  229. jackie curran says:

    lemon and sugar

  230. Caitlin Wallis says:

    Lemon & sugar :)

  231. Sheri Darby says:

    poached apples and cinnamon

  232. Kirsty Grace says:

    Lemon and sugar

  233. Kay Lou Smith says:

    Ice cream & chocolate sauce :)

  234. Lani Nash says:

    smoked bacon and maple syrup

  235. Charlotte C Brumpton says:

    butter :)

  236. Sugar and lemon

  237. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Cherries and Vanilla cream

  238. Caroline Anne Bellamy says:

    classic and simple – sugar and lemon

  239. jayne underwood says:

    lemon and sugar

  240. Maple syrup.

  241. Diana Semionova says:

    Blueberry jam :)

  242. I love lemon and brown sugar

  243. sarah mcknight says:

    lemon and sugar

  244. ali thorpe says:

    I like fresh lemon and sugar.

  245. Deborah Bird says:

    Golden syrup x

  246. Claire Butler says:

    bananas, flaked almonds and golden syrup

  247. Ellen Stafford says:

    I love them with cornish ice cream

  248. Hayley Mulgrove says:

    ice cream and Bananas

  249. Lemon and sugar

  250. georgie pope says:

    lemon and sugar

  251. Holly Boyd says:

    Nutella is my favourite although we all have different toppings in our house

  252. Isabelle Smith says:

    lemon and sugar

  253. Banana and maple syrup

  254. Gary Topley says:

    Jam and Syrup

  255. chocolate or jam

  256. Jill Donaldson says:

    Raspberry and cream

  257. sarah punter says:

    ice cream and strawberry sauce xx

  258. Susan Ocock says:

    Lemon and sugar

  259. Kel Ellen Hirst says:

    Nutella and marshmallows are lush!!!

  260. Gemma Surtees says:

    Just sugar for me

  261. trevor linvell says:

    Just sugar

  262. chirag patel says:

    Lemon and sugar

  263. Keith H says:

    Apple sauce and cream

  264. Emily Clark says:


  265. lemon and sugar

  266. Karen K says:

    lemon and sugar :)

  267. antonia richardson says:


  268. Adele Hill says:

    Lemon and Sugar

  269. lemon and sugar

  270. Amy Beckett says:

    Has to be maple syrup with bacon. I’m loving buttermilk pancakes at the moment

  271. Rachel B says:

    golden syrup

  272. Lemon and sugar

  273. Gail Bennett says:

    My favourite would have to be good old lemon juice and sugar … perhaps with a drizzle of cream for a real treat 😉

  274. leanne tobin says:

    banana and nutella :)

  275. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    sugar and lemon juice

  276. I love lemon and sugar

  277. Strawberries and syrup :)

  278. John Lynch says:

    hotdogs and saurkraut

  279. Banana and maple syrup. Mmmm…

  280. Angie Hoggett says:

    pecan and caramel

  281. Kiran Parry says:

    My favourite is chocolate spread. I am looking forward in spreading chocolate over my pancakes tomorrow.

  282. Nutella and banana!

  283. Emma Baker says:

    Golden Syrup

  284. Natalie Crossan says:

    Nutella :) x

  285. Emma Baker says:

    Maple Syrup!

  286. Naomi Buchan says:

    Can’t go wrong with lemon and sugar x

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