Cod with Lemon and Garlic Scapes – a simple way with Skrei

Skrei – Norwegian Cod – with Lemon and Garlic – a 5:2 Diet Recipe

Skrei with lemon and garlic scapes

I enjoy cooking with fish – it is healthy, fresh, simple to prepare and generally low in calories.  So, I was curious to try Skrei – a line caught cod from the Lofoten Islands reknown for its unique texture and flavour.  It has a firm flesh, with very obvious fat lines and the seasonal fish is caught while the fish is migrating to spawn.  That means the fish you are eating is generally around five years old.  To be classified as Skrei fish needs to be fully grown with immaculate skin and packaged within twelve hours of being caught then stored on ice between 0C and 4C.

skrei skin side

I wanted to make a simple dish to showcase the fish.  Lightly pickled garlic scapes have a more delicate softer flavour than raw cloves.  And, pairing lentils with white fish works particularly well for me, I love the nutty texture of the lentils contrasted with tender morsels of cod.


Of course this dish will work with any cod, or with monkfish or halibut for example.  It’s a great way to showcase a good fish without overwhelming the delicate flavour.  If you can’t find garlic scapes then I’d suggest making a roasted garlic paste in the oven by baking a clove or two wrapped up in foil and then squeezing out the paste.  It will keep in the fridge for a week or so, covered with oil.  And the flavour is a lot more delicate than raw cloves so closer to the garlic scapes.

Cod with Lemon and Garlic Scapes

Serves 1
Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 15 minutes
Total time 20 minutes
Allergy Fish
Meal type Main Dish
Misc Serve Hot


  • 1 Cod Fillet (Cooking time will depend on the size of your fillet)
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 1 tablespoon Garlic Scapes
  • 50g Puy Lentils (Uncooked weight)


Step 1 Pre heat your oven to 170c. Put the lentils on to cook in lightly salted water.
Step 2 Put a little oil onto a large square of silicon baking paper on a piece of foil.
Step 3 Put your fish, skin side down on the oil, season well with salt and pepper and cover with slices of lemon
Step 4 Drizzle the remaining oil over the fish, then seal up your parcel. I used a double wrap of silicon baking paper (to ensure the fish didn't stick) and foil (to ensure a good seal).
Step 5 Place on a baking sheet in the oven for 10-15 minutes. You can check whether the fish is done after 10 minutes by looking for blobs of 'white' on the surface, a bit like tiny bits of cream cheese - which is protein rising from the cooked fish.
Step 6 Drain the lentils when cooked and put to one side to keep warm in their pan
Step 7 When the fish is cooked, open up the parcel and pour all the oil and lemon juice over the lentils. Now stir through the garlic scapes and put the pan over a very low heat to warm through
Step 8 Serve with chunks of fresh lemon and the green vegetable of your choice

Although I’ve written out the recipe, I’m aware that there isn’t a great deal of cooking involved in this dish.  But, the results are excellent and it makes a perfect 5:2 diet fast day meal for one.  Or scale up the quantities to make more!

Calorie analysis to come later but meanwhile, you can find out more about Skrei here.


With many thanks to the Norwegian Seafood Council for my samples of Skrei


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  1. That’s a healthy and good looking meal :)
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin?


  2. not only healthy but what a great recipe. Does this fit into 5/2 eating plan?
    how long does this take you to prepare?

  3. Looks lovely, I hadn’t heard of Skrei before

  4. What a perfect dish for my family. This is exactly the kind of food we eat and I will certainly be giving this a try. Healthy, clean food. Delicious

  5. This looks very tasty, never heard of Skrei before.

  6. I really just want to bite into that. How yummy. Would be fun t try Skrei.

  7. I love fish, especially cod and this will make for a delicious healthy meal.

  8. This dish looks incredible – so fresh and delicious. Feeling rather peckish now…

  9. That cod looks so moist and tender Fiona, is it as good as John’s cod?

    • It’s a slightly different texture – almost a cross between cod and halibut I would say. Not really something you can compare directly – particularly as I know you love all fish just like I do. Very delicious though.

  10. How wonderful to have such a delicious looking fish to cook. I wasn’t aware of Skrei, but it looks fab. GG

  11. I’m still trying to add more fish into our menu, as I’m not a big fan the only thing I’m able to eat is salmon 😀

  12. Lovely combo of flavours, I’ve got a nice piece of cod in the freezer that would be perfect.
    Janie x

  13. I’ve never heard of skrie, so it’s nice to learn something new.

  14. I was not really a big fan of Cod until I tried out this recipe. It was totally amazing, delicious and full of flavour. I will definitely be serving this dish to my friends on our next get together.

  15. samantha g says:

    This is such a great recipe for taste and health!

  16. Sally Kershaw says:

    This looks delicious, I am looking forward to making this… i don’t eat enough fish as I lack ideas of what to do with it. This recipe looks perfect! :-)

  17. Eleanor Wigmore says:

    This looks really tasty – too tasty to be healthy!!

  18. glenn hutton says:

    This sounds and looks amazing, healthy to boot.

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