Steama #Giveaway and Review

Win a Steama with London-Unattached:

I’m already a fan of my Slica and Masha from Sensiohome, so I was thrilled to find that there’s a new member of the family.  The Steama (as the name suggests) is a tiered electric worktop steamer which you can use to prepare anything from fresh vegetables to an entire meal including meat or fish and rice, all in one unit.

The stacking design means that it works for a small household like my own, but will also produce enough food for the entire family.  And, rather neatly, you can use the steaming baskets to store food in the fridge or freezer ready for cooking, or to keep leftovers after you’ve finished your meal.  There’s a special bowl for cooking rice too, something that really does seem to taste much better if it’s steamed.

Now, we are still in the process of testing out the Steama, but initial signs are all good.  It’s easy to use, includes a timer so you shouldn’t overcook your food and best of all, everything goes in the dishwasher at the end!


Anyway, while you wait for a full review from me, why not check out Steama on the A Range website and then enter the giveaway they’ve generously sponsored with London-Unattached. Or, perhaps you might just want to buy one straight away – the A Range Website has an online shop and links to some of the retailers who stock the Steama. It retails for just under £35 and is perfect for any household looking for a way to create healthy, nutritious meals.

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  1. Tracey Peach says

    I Deserve to win the Steama because I have a lot of different health problems & a Steama will allow me to eat more healthy which would help my health problems.

  2. Jean Bolsover says

    Not only because I want to eat more healthy, but I feel you get more goodness locked into the food when it has been steamed

  3. Emma Walton says

    I wouldn’t say I deserved a steama over anyone else but I’d like to win one as I’m trying to eat healthier and get my family to do so too.

  4. Tracey Belcher says

    I gave my old steamer away to a greater cause with the promise to treat myself to a new one and still have not had the spare cash to do so. Not sure I deserve one anymore than many others but would love one.

  5. says

    My parents have a steam cooking machine, but I’m no sure which brand it is. I know that they are very happy with it though.
    I’d love to hear your opinion as well :)
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin?


  6. Jessi says

    I’d love to win as I’m trying to follow 5:2 at the moment and this looks perfect for being able to quickly prepare meals for the fast days!

  7. Ali Thorpe says

    I don’t deserve to win but I’d like to as I’m trying to find ways to reduce calories in my favourite foodss and this would be a fab way to do so, and increase nutrients I take in!

  8. TracyJo says

    I need to loose weight and not finding it very easy, but I think one of these would make things alot easier and quicker and encourage me to eat more healthier.

  9. Christina Brown says

    Because despite being really busy and a tad bit lazy, I’m really trying to do my best to eat healthily and this little beauty would certainly help me on my mission…also, how cool is it that it can cook rice too?! :)

  10. Jennifer H says

    because my husband and I are disabled and it’s sometimes quite difficult to prepare food. This looks like it would make it a bit easier :)

  11. karend says

    I no more deserve to win this than anyone else but id love to win it cos my old steamer sprung a leak
    and im back to using half a dozen pans on my hob. I prefer steamed food as boiling takes all the goodness out of food. so fingers crossed x

  12. Christina Curtis says

    I deserve to win in order to help me eat more healthy. I hardly get any time to cook or watch things cook on the hob so would be perfect for me – I usually end up burning or over boiling veggies in a pan.

  13. says

    I entered a competition on the London-unattached site
    I have to make my entry special, I must put up a fight
    The steamer I must have it would look great in my kitchen
    Do the organizers give to me the others are thinking!!!

    Please enter me in your competition
    Thank you

  14. Catherine Culmer says

    I’ve jut had a baby and my hubby and I are struggling to find time to cook meals that are healthy so this would really help.

  15. Rachel Gilbey says

    Because I really should be more healthy and cook more for myself and a nice new Steama should help me do that.

  16. Becky John says

    Would love to win a Steama, as while we do eat a lot of fresh vegetables, I find boiling them in water does take away some of the flavour.

  17. lyn burgess says

    I can’t honestly say I deserve one more than anyone else, but, I think I deserve one just as much as anyone else does.

  18. Katherine L says

    I’ve loved steamed food, especially vegetables since a child. My latest contraption at home is too small. It’s basically just a sieve placed on top of an old put with an ill fitting lid. I’d love to be able to enjoy steamed food all the time, made easily!

  19. says

    Because I am the oh one who cooks in this house and I would love one of thereto make my job a little easier lol! I have a hubby who has hollow legs a 4 year old who is always hungry and I’m 6 months pregnant! X

  20. Jennifer Bailey says

    It’s a fast way to cook tuna steaks, which for some reason the cat always seems to have more of than we do so at least she’s also eating healthy!

  21. Katie witherington says

    I’ve recently had a gastric bypass and need to alter completely the food I eat and the way I cook it. I also have gallbladder issues and this will help me achieve these

  22. says

    I’ve been clawing my way back to good health after being too ill to work for nearly two years and am now trying to eat healthy and lose the weight I gained when I couldn’t exercise. I deserve to win as I am already 10 lbs down in my bid to lose 4 stone this year. Doing it the healthy way of 1-2 lbs per week. A steamer would make it so much easier!

  23. says

    I’d love to win because I did really well last year loosing 3 stone, but am slowly starting to slip into old habits. A new healthy Steema would give me the incentive to give myself a much needed kick up the bum! :) xx

  24. EMMA WALTERS says

    i’m trying my hardest t get fitter & healthier, started jogging & making more healthy meals from scratch so this would really help me

  25. Sheila Reeves says

    Because I’m on a healthy diet plan at the moment and lots of the items need steaming & I don;t have much success with the saucepan-type steamers!

  26. samantha roberts says

    My family and I eat a lot of steamed vegetables……..and with a busy household – an active 3 year old, a sports mad 9 year old and my partner who works late – it means whilst they are in school I can prepare meals, store them ready to cook and then pop them on to cook around the kids activity as well as being able to store the leftovers or an extra meal for my partner later on in the evening when he gets home since out of the week we are only all ever home for 2 nights a week with my son at various clubs, my daughter out dancing, myself at my fat club or partner working. Fab prize and means I only have to cook one healthy meal for us all to enjoy
    x x x x

  27. Jackie says

    I come from a family that boils all it’s veg to death so it would be great to be able to steam my vegetables and get all the health benefits from the extra vitamins!

  28. Sharon Roberts says

    My friend who shares my home has just had a triple heart bypass and face further operations – please do not get me wrong i am not telling a sad sorry for pitty, Just that Drs and nurses say eat healthy things to him and this is a real problem whilst being off work sick and getting pratically nothing , i grow my fruit and veg to try and help and have a saucepan which i put a plate on top to steam veg for my friend.. Something like this would be a real help, as it would be safe to use and which will help my friend on his road to eating healthy. Thank you for reading, Good luck everyone!

  29. says

    Not sure if I actually deserve anything, but I certainly would like to have it, as my steamer basket has gone to the steamer baskets’ heaven, and I haven’t bought a new one yet

  30. Laura Pritchard says

    I don’t think I deserve to win more than anyone else but I’d like to as I want to try steaming our veg as I tend to just boil the life out of it!

  31. kellyjo walters says

    we love to eat healthy and my steamer is donkeys years old, I love to be up to date with kitchen gadgets as well

  32. Beth Hewitt says

    Because my oven is pants and I need to eat more healthy food. Plus I love steam powered tools, like my steam Mop.

  33. Amanda Mallows says

    It would be very useful in our home for encouraging the little ones to eat more veggies. As it doesn’t use a pan of boiling water little hands could help prepare dinner, making them more likely to eat it.

  34. Joy Lawson says

    Because I have just spent 4 days spring cleaning my kitchen and my hands are covered in cuts!! Plus mine packed up over xmas :(

  35. auntygeek says

    Oh my! Me and my partner have been saying we should get a steamer – veg just tastes so much nicer and boiling loses a lot of vitamins or so I’ve read… would be great to keep up our healthy living new years resolutions :)

    @auntygeek (Twitter)

  36. Sarah Bavington-Smith says

    I’m desperate to get more healthy food inside my mega fussy family! I know steaming is a lot healthier, so this would be perfect x

  37. sj wesley says

    I’ve wanted to try a steamer for ages, as I’ve heard the difference it makes to the taste of cooked vegetables is amazing! x

  38. JEN HARRIS says

    Healthy eating revolution is my slimline resolution -Winning the Steama would provide a tasty solution

  39. Helen M says

    Because it’d really encourage me to eat more healthily and try out some new vegetables and new recipes

  40. says

    Because I really like steamed rice. Though I would give it to my mum; my dad is supposed to eat low fat after his heart op and then gall bladder out a few years ago, but he’s not very good at it. Will fill any gaps with biscuits. So undoing all my mum’s efforts to keep him on track.

  41. Danielle Graves says

    I don’t deserve to win it any more than any other person entering, but I’d like to win it. It would get put to use steaming fish, chicken, veg and rice. Firm food staples in our family

  42. Helen Grayson says

    I’d love to be able to have healthier crispier veggies! They always go a bit soggy and I miss my old steaming pan! :)

  43. Sugar Newman says

    I am a vegetable fiend who has always dreamed of a owning a proper steamer! You have the power to make my dreams come true, all while promoting healthy eating! Double win!

  44. Teresa Lee says

    To steam food I usually have to use an upturned bowl as a stand in a pan of water and cover. I should imagine The Steama would be a much easier method.

  45. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    i’ve wanted one for a long time; i’ve imagined cooking all sorts of healthy meals with lovely veg. i think i deserve to win one so i can arrempt to looose some weight and give me and my family a healthier diet.

  46. says

    we’ve got into a lazy habit of using those microwaveable veg pouches which im not a fan on.
    this seems to the perfect alternative – still very simple to use without having to use various pots and pans and should taste great :)

  47. Mark Witherington says

    To loose weight, my wife has done a fantastic job at loosing weight and now really need to follow her lead

  48. Diana Semionova says

    Because I’m cooking home made meals everyday for my family. It would make some of the meals easier and I always wanted one of these :)

  49. Paula Phillips says

    My partner needs to loose 6 stone and change what he eats due to health reasons and so I am looking for healthier ways to cook food.

  50. Patricia Avery says

    I deserve this as I have managed to lose 20 lbs since last Easter. The Steama would not only be a reward but an incentive to continue to lose the further 10 lbs needed to get my BMI to a healthy number :)

  51. Anthea Holloway says

    I want a healthier way to prepare all those lovely vegetables that I am growing in my garden: butternut squash, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, garlic, broad beans, peas, carrots and runner beans!

  52. Lindsey Stuart says

    Hello :)
    I think i deserve to win because i have been on a strict diet and work out plan since the beginning of January and i am very proud of myself for taking it so seriously ( i didn’t realise i have so much willpower) I also gave up smoking :) 5 weeks now without a puff. i am feeling brilliant and positive (the best i have ever felt about myself)
    I love cooking and don’t have a steama i would LOVE to win
    Good luck all and thankyou for the brilliant competition.

  53. Samantha Atherton says

    I should win because I love steam cooking but my steamer broke last month and I cant afford a new one.

  54. Katherine Coldicott says

    I like to keep fit and eat healthily. I’d love to win this as it’s a lot more advanced than the steamer I use now.

  55. Lesley Bain says

    I have just taken up running and am doing so well :) I deserve to win the Steama so I can cookt really healthy meals to fit in with my new lifestyle x

  56. tiffany callan says

    I’m currently using a bottom and top pan from one set of a steamer a middle from another set and a lid that’s too big for any of them, sadly through the years of moving we’ve lost bits or they’ve got broken and i can’t afford a new one x

  57. Julia says

    Because I cannot used a saucepan to steam the old fashioned way. I cannot lift it, this looks great + accessible to me

  58. Kel Ellen Hirst says

    I’ve never tried a steamer before so this looks great as a first timer – simple yet stylish

  59. Raych Bonness says

    I’ve had a drastic diet change this year to help my adult acne so would love to win this so I can steam foods & eat everything as healthy as possible :)

  60. sarah palmer says

    my steamer broke a while ago and haven’t been able to afford to replace it with four boys boiling lots of different veg at one time is a right pain xx

  61. Deborah Bird says

    would love a steama as I am doing slimming world so eating lots of veg! Never owned a steamer so would love to give it a try!

  62. Kristy Brown says

    Because I am in support of my husband who is training for a marathon for Positive Action 4 PTSD and encouraging him to eat more healthy

  63. Dee says

    I deserve to win just as much as everyone else but no more than anyone else but I’ve got my fingers crossed anyway. 😉

  64. ashleigh armstrong says

    I want to win for my girls. my 4 year old is veg crazy and my baby has just started weaning so much healthier for them to steam and means I can see to the girls instead of running back and forth to the cooker and still managing to burn the pan dry lol

  65. Gina M says

    I’m about to have another baby and already have a toddler so I need all the help I can get to make life easier! Would be a great way to make healthy meals quickly and without hassle.

  66. Naomi Buchan says

    I don’t deserve it anymore then anyone else but it would be a very helpful aid to healthier cooking x

  67. Sarah H says

    as a family we love lots of vegetables which i usually boil or roast. It would be lovely to steam them for a change :-)

  68. Hazel Rush says

    I need all the veg I can get as I’ve just had my baby daughter and need to get my body back in shape!

  69. susan willshee says

    I deserve to win because I loaned my steamer to my Mum 6 months ago and she loves it so much I haven;t got the heart to ask for it back!

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