Valentine Special!

A Valentine Special from a Resolute Singleton:

A little secret – being a *single* blogger is a great way NOT to miss all the Valentine events that everyone else gets to do!  I feel quite privileged sometimes as I am invited along to preview Valentine dinners and cocktails or sent wonderful boxes of chocolates like the selection below from Thorntons!  AND I don’t have to put up with the snoring and smelly feet;)

thorntons Valentines chocolates boxI think I can honestly say that if I was being sent a Valentine’s gift from a significant other, I’d be utterly thrilled and delighted by this stunning box of chocolates.  Now, mine came from Thorntons – to review with enough time to let you know what I think.  So of course I am morally obliged to eat the chocolates well in advance of Valentine’s day…

I have a special affection for Thorntons chocolates.  I think they were the first ‘posh’ chocolates I ever tried and I can remember buying little bags of Alpini, which I still love today.  The box has a huge range – 16 different chocolates with three of each flavour. All the old favourites are there but there are some I didn’t recognise.  Rather a nice touch having three of each it means you can try each other’s favourite – then have one extra of the ones you really love!  And, I’ve discovered a new love in Valencia – a dark chocolate filled with sweet orange.  This particular selection retails at £19.99 – for which you’ll get a beautifully packaged quality heart shaped box containing nearly 600g of chocolates.  But there are other options too, even gift selections with flowers and champagne on the Thorntons website.

Thorntons Valentines Chocolates

Or  if your idea of  the perfect Valentine is a wonderful romantic meal at home, if you live in London you can surprise your loved one with a handmade Wagyu Wellington. This is a modern take on the culinary classic (Beef Wellington). It’s the brainchild of Notting Hill butcher Provenance and Julia Cotter, a chef who has worked with Yotam Ottolenghi and Peter Gordon.  Based on a 500g grass-fed wagyu beef fillet – the meat is wrapped in a duxelle of mushrooms (shitake, chestnut, oyster, flat black and porcini) with Madeira and double cream. It’s then encased in all-butter puff pastry. It stores perfectly having been prepped in advance and then cooks very simply – just slide it into a hot oven for 30 minutes.

That should give you plenty of time to enjoy a glass of champagne together before you eat – and will mean that neither of you needs to slave over a hot stove!  It serves two perfectly and costs £28.95.  To place an order (by 12th February) just call Provenance at 020 7229 8814 or mail  I’ve been along to Provenance to check out what else they have on offer and can strongly recommend their produce.  I’m busy taste testing a selection of their products myself at the moment so, you’ll find a full review of the meat and sausages in the next few weeks.  For now, I’ve already tried a piece of their wagyu and can promise you a great taste sensation, for NO effort on your part.

Provenance Butchers 1

If you’d rather go out than stay in, or perhaps if your love life needs a little help you might want to pop along to Bam-Bou.  Why?  Well they have love potions on the menu in the Red Bar upstairs – you can pick from the Ever After Elixir (to lure proposals from the most hardened altar dodgers), Cupid’s Kiss (to turn any frog into a price) or Rocket Fuel – which is a coffee and Kirsch concoction designed for ‘those who have lost the lust’.  

Bam-Bou Love Potions Menu

If you prefer (or need something stronger after your tarot reading), the Red Bar also boasts London’s most comprehensive Japanese whisky menu.  It’s a decadent and exotic place – a maze of dining rooms and bars which has a particularly intimate feel to it.  I was invited along to preview the Love Potions (fingers crossed…I tried them all so SOMETHING should happen!) and to have a tarot reading from Susie Johns who will be there on the 11th and 18th of February.  If you’d like to find out what the future holds for you why not book a 15 minute reading and cocktail for £25.  And drag your intended along with you and serve them up with the cocktail of YOUR choice.. Oh and they do have a wonderful menu of Asian dishes and some fabulous bar snacks including Chicken Satay and Soft shell crab with spicy tofu mayonnaise.

Love Potions

To book a tarot reading or find out more about the Love Potions, visit the bam-bou website.
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    • says

      I have to say, I’d planned to eat a few and then donate the box to a friend with some kids. But it turned out to be MUCH too good and I just have one chocolate left (which will no doubt go this evening)

  1. says

    It’s all good Fiona and I don’t know you are going to mange to get through those chocolates, I had to leave mine with my parents!!! Karen xxx

  2. says

    If you’re getting down hearted, don’t. It’s just a day made up by card companies to give them a payday after Christmas and before Easter.

    • says

      Well, since I’ve been writing, I’ve had invites to preview some of the stuff that is on offer. Most of which is fab – I rather like enjoying it without the compromise of another person;)

  3. says

    Thorntons chocolate is a great shout. I’ve got a lot of time for Hotel Chocolat too, mind you, but my heart will always belong to Thorntons’ Chocolate Gingers :)

  4. says

    I’m not the biggest fan of eating lots of chocolates, but as Valentine’s Day gets nearer and nearer (and as I keep reading Valentine’s Day blog posts and such), I’m really starting to crave chocolates and other sweets.

    The Thornton’s Chocolates look lovely. Although I’m pretty sure my hubby would eat them before I got the chance, as they’re one of his favourites.

  5. says

    For some reason your mention of the Japanese whisky menu has brought back memories of a meal my husband and I took in an Oriental restaurant in Brittany of all places. After the meal they served whisky in ceramic shot tumblers, each one having a scantily clad erm, lady in the base. I trust you didn’t get any surprises like that there?!

    Nice chocolates, I would woof too many in one go though as I’m a sucker for milk chocolate.

  6. says

    Lucky you with so many Valentines goodies minus the snoring and smelly feet, made me laugh lots. No such luck round here, neither snoring NOR any Valentines treats. Probably a good thing though!

  7. says

    talk about phenomenal ! Wow. the chocolate got my attention right away. I NEVER see anyone put dups in over the different flavors except for SEES and they tend to run the flavors I don’t like. (call me picky)
    I love the dinner thing too
    so cool

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