Degustabox – February’s Box of Delights

Degustabox is a great concept, offering you a surprise box of 10 to 15 different top quality items at less than half the retail price, with a new box every month. Shipped safely in good packaging, each box is filled with goodies.

Degustabox Contents

The February Degustabox included lovely items from Ryvita, English Provender Co., Soreen, Schekters, Bahlsen, Tyrell’s and Peppadew. The items in the box could be considered as quality special occasion or treat food (for example the superb Bahlsen chocolate biscuits) but every one is something that I would buy again now that I have tried them.

Degustabox Full Contents

The box also has a range of coupon offers for the items enclosed, all with long expiry dates which means you can purchase any of the items again at a special price.

Contents included:

Degustabox Ryvita Thins

Ryvita Thins  (bites) are square crispbreads, slightly dry and busting with flavour.  The work ideally as a light snack or with dips.  The Sweet Chili Thins were very moorish, but had a real chilli bite to them; is had a cool cream cheese and chive dip to go with them and that worked so well.  Ideally for party snacks.


Degustabox Tyrrells Apple Chips

Tyrrells Apple Crisps are exactly that – chips made with thinly sliced apple.  They are the ultimat upmarket crisp and could easily be found in any top hotel as bar snacks.  Superb.



Degustabox The English Provender Co.

The English Provender Co make some of the best special chutney and sauces for meat available.  Their redcurrant sauce with Rosemary is superb, sharp and full of taste, it is perfect on lamb.  I also love to have it on a toasted bagel and it is a real mouthfull of flavour.  Real seeds too so you may want a toothpick.

Degustabox Soreen

Soreen is a well known brand of malt loaf, and probably the best in the UK.  Their new toastie loaf is full of fruit and comes pre-cut into thick slices just ready for toasting.  I love mine with just butter melted on top, but you can easily add a nice thick fruity jam (as above) to have a healthy breakfast or mid-morning snack.

Degustabox Scheckters Organic Energy Drinks

Scheckters Organic Energy Drinks are an ideal pickup and boost drink that is healthy and fully in sync with your body needs.  It tastes great and is aimed at those that want a boosting energy drink without thinking they have to add vodka to it!  This is definitely a new drink for me but one that having tried it I will look out for in future.

Degustabox Pepperdew Peppers

Peppadew Piquante Peppers are something I have bought for years, but it seems many people do not know of them.  They are sweet peppers in a light oil with a mild heat to them.  They can be eaten on their own, put in a chili con-carne, or my favourite is to stuff them with a soft cream cheese.  And being in oil they stay fresh for months once opened.

Degustabox Bahlsen Waffeletten

Bahlsen make great chocolate biscuits and wafers, each having a quality that show the perfection of the biscuit making art.  The blend of chocolate and delicate wafer in the Waffeletten make these so much more than just a coffee time treat.  You will wonder why you haven’t tried them before.



Clearly sampling was done in an ordered manner, until my daughter spotted the chocolate.  The Bahlsen Pickup Pack of 5 chocolate bars surround in biscuit was a definite hit.

Degustabox Sampling Bahlsen

And when the Degustabox box is empty, it can still supply hours of fun….

Degustabox Cats

Lastly, Degustabox have revamped their deliveries to cope with demand, now using DPD couriers, giving you text message updates on shipping and allocated delivery slots.

So sign up now and get a surprise box of amazing goodies every month.



Disclaimer:  London Unattached was offered this month’s degustabox free of charge.

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  1. Pamela Morse says

    The name sounds funny in American, but the apple crisps look right up my alley. The peppadew peppers are a favorite in our house too.

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