February No Waste Food Challenge Round-Up

The No Waste Food Challenge for Frugal February:

It has been a short month, so I’m really impressed that there were a total of 28 entries for the No Waste Food Challenge.  That’s despite some rather limited input from me because on impulse I’ve put my flat on the market and am now actively house hunting.  Of course what that does mean is that over the next few months I really will be using up my leftovers and the content of my freezer.

So, many thanks to Elizabeth for the opportunity to host the challenge last month and to all of you who sent in an entry!  For reasons best know to no one in particular, I seem to have all the entries sorted alphabetically (see if you can spot which one got missed!).  It’s as good a way as any I guess!

The lovely looking Beetroot Bhajis are from Anne’s Kitchen.  I’m a big fan of beetroot and I think the earthy notes of this vegetable would work really well with curry spicing.  So I’ll certainly be bookmarking this one to try at a later date.

Although I am far too lazy to try making breakfast pancakes myself, I loved Janice’s simple but smart way of making these ‘Roti Telor style Malaysian breakfast pancakes with the leftovers from her luscious looking Italian pancakes from the night before.

Helen from Fuss Free Flavours came up with these wonderful sourdough muffins. I’m a bit of a muffin fan but didn’t realise you could make them with sourdough. And, again, wonderful flavour pairings of cranberry and chocolate. I’d keep some of these in the freezer for those days when you wake up late just in time for a mid morning brunch…and pop them in the microwave for a few minutes to defrost. Yum

I’m always on the lookout for good recipes with pasta and the creamy, mushroom leek and bacon pasta dish from Searching for Spice is just the sort of thing I’d make.  A bit like Corina, I quite often end up making something once and once only because I never have the exact combination of ingredients to hand again…but I think her recipe would work with all sorts of vegetables – with peppers or broccoli instead of the leeks and with any kind of ham instead of the bacon.  Or even just with mushrooms and bacon?

Custard cream biscuits from My Little Italian Kitchen just look far too tempting for someone like me who is supposed to be on the 5:2 diet still…

And as for those florentines.  I know exactly where the chocolate leftovers would end up too…on my lips and then, as the saying goes, for a lifetime on my hips!  It was poignant for me that I started this round-up yesterday.  They were one of my mum’s favourites – and she sadly passed away three years ago yesterday.

Camilla from FabFood4All is one of the most ingenious and versatile cooks I know – so it’s perhaps not suprising that she’s come up with TWO entries for the No Waste Food challenge.  Both equally yummy – together her Monday Pie and Plum Crumble would make a leftover meal that you’d never guess was all from food that would otherwise be wasted.

And as for the Lancashire pea and gammon soup, that just looks like a hearty hug in a mug, to borrow shamelessly from a certain Brand’s advertising – although Linzi has managed to artfully serve hers in bowls:)

I used to make a pork with orange casserole so I was intrigued by the Slow Cook Pork and Orange casserole from Jibber Jabber.  It sounds delicious and the perfect comfort food for a wintery day in February.  Using your leftovers of roast pork to make a delicious pulled pork as Sarah from Dinner With Crayons has done sounds like the sort of no brainer we should all be trying – except that I’ve never seen it before.  Definitely one to add to my list of things to try.  And as for the Nasi Goring, I had in my head that it would be far too complex to make at home.  But Madhouse Family Reviews have dispelled that myth with a quick Nasi Goring you can make in under 30 minutes.  Jamie would be proud!

Ramja are healthy, red kidney bean cutlets.  Another dish I’d never have thought to try but which looks very achievable.  Sylvia’s rice and tuna bake with cheese just looks delicious.  I’ve done something similar with pasta, but I’ve never tried baking leftovers of rice in the oven.  More ticks in the box there.  And those muffins just sound amazing.  I’ve made chocolate and roasted rum banana muffins before and I DO like the sound of the coconut instead of chocolate.

That lovely tex mex tortilla soup looks stunning.  I’ll probably bookmark it for a time when I have family staying because I know my brothers would love the spicy mixture.  And, I’m always impressed by people who can attempt gluten free cooking – whenever I’ve tried I’ve failed dismally – but there’s a knack to getting it right which I am sure, from the photo, that the gluten free alchemist has.  And, tagliatelli with leeks and sausage is another clever combination of ingredients that sounds delicious.

Vanesther at Bangers and Mash’s way of using Roast Chicken sounds delicious and the photos look like old masters, with jewel rich colours from the mixture of beetroot and carrots.  And, leftover rocket and walnut pesto is definitely one I shall be wizzing up.  I buy those expensive cutesy bags of rocket from time to time when I have friends over, and then end up with half a bag lurking in the bottom of the fridge – so it’s such a clever idea.  Salmon and red onion tart just looks very moreish – definitely Food Glorious Food!

Green Gourmet Giraffe made some wonderful ‘kitchen sink chutney’.  It really doesn’t look as if it is made out of leftovers at all and it sounds really tasty.  I loved Spicy, Quirky, Serendipitous’s story of how she turned her disaster into a tasty meal.  The sort of thing I do all the time, though I probably wouldn’t own up to it – or be brave enough to take a photo.  Mind you, mine never seems to look quite as pretty as her salmon pasta!

Finally we have chilli dogs from Mint Custard.  What a clever idea – I should think it made her very popular.  Then another stunning entry from Chef Mireille – I love the idea of saffron cous cous and will be trying that the next time I make some up.  And last but not least, the lovely Chris, from Cooking around the World who has produced a winter minestrone.

Since Chris is THIS month’s host for the No Waste Food Challenge, I’m going to sign off and pass the baton over.  And I’ll be dreaming up my own entry over the next few days.  Why not pop over to Eating Around the World and submit your entry there

no waste food Challenge


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  1. says

    Fiona, you did a really fabulous job on this round-up, it was a pleasure reading it and there were so many lovely entries. I can absolutely imagine, that it is hard work to put such a round-up together. I will see ow much hard work I will get to do.

  2. Pamela Morse says

    There are some fabulous combos here, giving me new ideas. I like the idea of no waste because it brings it to your attention. We have to be aware to stop it. Good luck finding a flat.

  3. Michael says

    What a great idea for a competition, although not sure I would try all the dishes. Pea and Gammon soup!

  4. says

    Aaw Fiona, thank you for your kind words, I’m touched:-) You are truly the round-up Queen:-) The leftover rice and tuna bake sounds like a winner to me but they’re all great recipes!

  5. says

    A fantastic round up Fiona, many, many thanks for hosting this month – you’ve done a great job! :) Happy house hunting (and I’m sorry to hear about your Mum) xx

  6. says

    Great post Fiona. Let me know if you manage to make something that tastes really good from those G-F #glutenfree cookbooks. I went to Natural Products Expo West (the largest natural foods and products expo/trade show in the US. Gluten-free was the most jumped on tag.
    These recipes look fabulous and I would love it if you would print out a day with a few recipes that are relatively quick and easy like the chocolate and roasted rum banana muffins that sound amazing

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