Advertising Feature – Dressing to Travel with Zalando

A Capsule Wardrobe Fit for Anywhere from Zalando:

I’ve got a few rather wonderful trips coming up and I’m starting to think about the clothes I might need and I’ve been browsing on-line sites like Zalando, Net-a-Porter and Matches.  While I’m no Fashionista, I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, one where every piece works really hard and where you can mix and match with ease.  When you are travelling a lot, it’s great to find things that help you save space in your suitcase for all those things you want to bring home with you!

Antigua Beach

My first two trips this spring are to Antigua and to Costa Barcelona.  In Antigua I know it will be hot and I also know that I’ll be sailing and taking part in their Sailing Week which takes place every year at the end of April.  Since I haven’t tried sailing since I was in my teens I’m hoping that any activity will be on something a little more robust than the hobies below!

Antigua sailing Hobie Cats at Jolie Beach


Costa Barcelona involves even more outdoors activities – hiking and trying electric bikes for instance.  I know from my last trip to Revival Bootcamp in Sitges what the coastline there is like.  Beautiful but quite rugged in places and far cry from my normal City lifestyle

Revival Bootcamp Hiking the Cliffs near Sitges -copyright Lynne Tyson

The good news is this obviously means some new clothes!

Where to start?  My favourite brands in the UK include Hobbs, Vivienne Westwood, Toast and Brora.  Let’s just say, I am a little eclectic and my wardrobe is a long way from being ‘capsule’.  And, I love heels but they are impossible for travel, particularly long haul.  Perhaps the easiest way to start then is with shape and colour.  With brown hair, hazel eyes and a celtic complexion the best colours for me are autumnal.  From lovely bright oranges, to burnt coppers, browns and soft greens.  Black now seems very aging and while I can wear blues and pinks they need to be softened with muted autumn colours to work with my skin tones.

Online sites like Zalando are great because I can quickly whittle down what is available in my size, colour palette and preferred brands.

None of my trips are for more than 5 days so I think I’m looking for at least 2 dresses (one for casual and one for formal evenings) a skirt, a comfy pair of trousers and some (long) shorts or capri pants. A nice loose blouse or tunic and some informal tee-shirts together with a couple of pieces of versatile knitwear, a jacket and a lightweight mac should be plenty.

Trousers and particularly shorts are a real bête noir for me. I’m tiny and so I’ve gone for what look closer to capri pants than leggings to me.  I’m also keen on the idea that these Anna Field ‘leggings’ can be packed without crushing.  I’m planning to travel in the cool Rene Lezard trousers, I love the tie detailing and it should be a comfortable outfit for a long plane journey.

Capsule Casuals Zalando

I’ve picked three tops in colours that I think will work well with the trousers and I’m planning on wearing the white one with this pretty Anna Field cardigan in orange.

While my skirt might not be the most elegant around, it’s one that I think will work really well in this capsule wardrobe.  I’m planning on accessorising it and wearing it with that lovely orange t shirt or indeed with the gorgeous Cinque Cicarmen blouse

Don’t you just love my choice of summer dresses.  The Daniel Hechter orange dress is glamorous enough for a dinner in the Caribbean, but quite relaxed enough for a day of sight seeing or walking on the beach.


For those really posh evenings, I like this slinky dress from Plein Sud.  I’ve avoided the little black dress because it never seems to work so well in really hot climates, especially if like me you don’t have a tan.

Vivienne Westwood and Set

OK I know I said three dresses, but when I went looking for my go-to blazer, I fell in love with this Vivienne Westwood number.  Perfect with the Set blazer!

With many thanks to Zalando for leading me into temptation.  It’s all too easy with an online shopping site like theirs to completely re-write your wardrobe in the comfort of your own home!

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    Wow, smart diner and dresser. Impressive, though I margined from title that your wardrobe rolled up to fit in a capsule the size of a thermos.

  2. says

    Love your fashion choices. the Plein Sud dress is phenomenal. The idea of planning that wardrobe is always hard bec I want choices. Do you take swimwear? Will you shop while there?

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