Fruyo Launch at Corrigans with Ben Hamlin

Bewitching Food, Magic and Fage’s Fruity New Number:

Invitations like the one to the Fage new advertising campaign launch for Fruyo are hard to refuse.  A meal at Corrigans, a chance to meet star Ben Hamlin and, of course, an introduction to the new product.

Corrigans - Fage Fruyo Introduction

I think at least, that’s what Alison from Fage was trying to tell us.

Of course the first magic started with the food.  Perfectly produced canapes and champagne before we sat down.

Cornish Crab Ravioli was paired with 2012 Chablis Comaine Colette Gros.  Individual ravioli can easily suffer from being heavy but these were delicious, stuffed with a warm crab mixture and wrapped in fine saffron infused pasta, served with a lobster veloute

Corrigans Cornish Crab Ravioli

I’ve discovered since that this is one of Corrigan’s signature dishes…and very delicious it was too.

Slow cooked shin of beef came with a pretty garnish of wild mushrooms, garlic and a spinach puree.  I was less convinced by the potato croquette, just a little dry and tasteless

Corrigans - Slow Cooked Shin of Beef

Our classic plate of cheddar came with a good assortment of biscuits and mustard fruits, something I’ve never tried before.  They were a kind a sticky spiced fruit and worked brilliantly with the cheese as well as looking rather pretty.  I think mine were figs and greengage

Corrigans Mrs Kirkhams Cheddar Mustard Fruits

Pudding of course, had to include Fruyo.  Now, there’s a bit of a challenge – while Total is wonderful to cook with, posh restaurants in Mayfair don’t usually make their dessert course with fruit yoghurt – no matter how wonderful.  Ours came with berries and granola – and was delicious as well as rather pretty to look at.  While I doubt it will make the main restaurant menu, it’s something that would be easy to recreate at home.  Mind you, I was given a few samples of Fruyo and my feeling was that you really didn’t need to add anything at all.  In fact, I found them a little sweet – perhaps because I am used to eating Total with just a bit of fresh fruit or a tiny amount of honey.  The texture though is wonderful and the little morsels of fruit throughout the yoghurt.  Perfect.

Corrigans Fruyo Yoghurt Cream, British Berries Granola

The star of the new advertising campaign just happened to be celebrating his birthday.

Corrigans - Birthday

That didn’t stop him swallowing needles…

Corrigans - needles

And then getting a very convincingly severe case of indigestion.

Corrigans - indigestion

Ben, I have to say, he was charming and convincing.  None of us could work out how he was doing the various tricks, despite being very, very close.  And I for one went away planning to watch his next series.

My first visit to Corrigans, then, was a great success.  And, I’m sure Fruyo will be – I can see it being a great addition for lunch boxes around the country, especially endorsed by such a cool magician!

With many thanks to Fage for the lunch invitation and to Ben for the invitation.

28 Upper Grosvenor Street,
London, W1K 7EH
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4 / 5 stars     
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  1. says

    I really don’t like this guy, he’s a bit weird. I prefer my magicians with a little mystery haha. The dishes you were served looked lovely! I think the cheese and crackers would be my favourite! :) xx

    • says

      LOL you know, he was pretty down to earth (I was sitting almost next door to him!). He was just a bit of a bad boy at school, got bored in lessons and started doing magic tricks to keep himself amused

  2. says

    What a fun evening of great food, it all sounds utterly delectable. The mustard fruits sound very interesting and am sure would be delightful with cheese. And as for the entertainment, very jealous too! I’d love to have seen Ben Hanlin in action and so close up too. I’ll be looking out for Fruyo, I’ve not heard of it before.

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