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One of the best things about living in London is the great range of theatre productions available to us.  From West End Musicals to the eclectic range of  productions at the Southbank or Barbican, pub theatres, outdoor theatre (yes DESPITE the weather),  In short, London Theatre offers something for everyone.

London’s West End generally shows a mix of long running productions, Musicals and popular classics, with comedy shows increasing in popularity.  The South-bank mixes popular classics with some more obscure and esoteric shows.  There are three theatres there and two concert halls so the venue lends itself to a wide range of productions.  The Barbican has a reputation for middle to highbrow productions and is London’s newest cultural centre (although it dates back to the 1960s).  Opera is shown at Covent Garden and at the Coliseum, with some productions by touring  regional companies occasionally shown in West End theatres.  If you are interested in outdoor theatre, London has a long tradition of summer shows in Regents Park and increasingly good opera productions can be seen at Holland Park.

London Theatre, Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House

While I don’t regard myself as anything of a cultural expert I do love a wide range of theatre and opera.  And I plan on writing up what I see on stage, whether that is comedy, musicals, opera or theatre.  If you live in London it’s relatively easy to see shows for a reasonable price.  You do have to chance it a bit, turn up at the discount theatre ticket booths or wait for a special offer.  And you don’t always get top seats.  However, some of the best venues in London offer ‘best available’ deals where your ticket will be just that…and for £10 you can find yourself sitting in a £50 seat.  So London Theatre doesn’t have to be expensive!