PR and Advertising Policy:

Reviews Policy

We aim to provide a critical review of a range of events and items on London-Unattached, including theatre and music productions, relevant books, new restaurants, food, drink, travel, fashion and shopping.  We try to focus the events section on places and  events  we have tried ourself in some form (so for example, I will feature cookery classes from a cookery school I’ve been to – although I obviously won’t have tried every class on offer!).

We very happy to preview new openings and to promote special events if it fits with the London-Unattached readership. If we are sent food, drink or other items to review we will provide an objective and hopefully positive viewpoint, but do not guarantee to cover any unsolicited items.  We aim to make sure reviews provide a valuable, supportive and objective insight.

Advertising Policy

Advertising on London-Unattached is limited deliberately to maximise the impact of any promotions that we run.  In the event that we do chose to publish content provided by advertisers, content will be labelled as ‘Sponsored By’ or ‘Advertising Feature and any associated tweets will carry the word ‘sponsor’.  We do run sponsored giveaways and welcome relevant promotions (usually London based events, books, food, fashion or beauty).   We never carry follow links for sponsored posts or reviews requested by PRs.

Competitions Policy

We am very happy to run limited sponsored competitions and giveaways. If competitions on London-Unattached are commercially arranged they will be  marked ‘sponsored’ as detailed above in the terms and conditions. Normally, I will need to collect an email address in order to notify winners. We will never share contact details with third parties (such as the company behind the competition) without opt-in permission. Nor do we store or use details other than to notify winners or as part of the subscription mailing list.

PR Enquiries

Please contact fiona@london-unattached.com for any enquiries.