Sunday Supper – Veal Escalope with Sage

veal saltimbocca

Veal Escalope with Proscuitto and Sage The classic version of this is called Saltimbocca and is made with marsala to deglaze the pan and create a sauce.  It’s not something I keep in the house and for me, the combination of veal, lemon, proscuitto and sage is enough without the addition of any alcohol.  It’s […]

Potato & Chive Flower Salad with Quail Eggs

potato salad

Potato and Chive Flower Salad – A ditzy little summer number: The idea for this salad came from the lovely Jac, who suggested we should all make a ‘no-leaf’ salad for her No Croutons Required blogger challenge.  I was a bit confused about whether I could use the leaves of herbs and scratching my head […]

Balcony Garden 2012

courgettes for my balcony garden

Potted Balcony Gardening Take Two: It’s still less than a year since I started writing this blog.  Looking back on last year, one of my great thrills last year was managing to grow a lot of my own vegetables on my very small roof terrace.  I’ve got about eight square feet of space and I […]

Lessons from Year One Balcony Gardening

Today's Harvest

Balcony Gardening – Growing your own The biggest lesson is that it works!  This summer I’ve bought aubergines, garlic, coriander and courgettes.  For the rest of the summer (from around the start of June), my vegetables and herbs have been entirely home grown.  I’m rather impressed by that. For someone living alone it has been […]

Balcony Gardening Mid-season

balcony gardening potatoes

Balcony Gardening Progress OK, it’s getting toward the end of June. The weather here in London started really well, but lapsed into English summertime pretty early on (by which I mean it got cold and rainy!).  So my balcony gardening came to a standstill and some of the things I hoped would be ready are […]

No Balcony? Pick your own!

Pick your own Cherries

Millets Farm Pick Your Own Fruit and Vegetables I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the afternoon at Millets Farm, near Abingdon in Oxfordshire.  What do you do if your Balcony Gardening crop fails or if you find that you simply can’t grow certain things?  Well,  Pick Your Own is a pretty good […]

Balcony Gardening Blossoming

Balcony Gardening - Peas

Expecting Vegetables Soon – Balcony Gardening I am getting very excited. My balcony gardening is beginning to look as if it will bear fruits (well vegetables and herbs).  I have a real proliferation of pea pods and when the sun shines through them, I can see the peas inside growing.  I’m quite impatient and I’d […]

About Peas and Beans

balcony gardener

I’m really pleased to report that there are pods on their way! I planted 5 pea plants this summer – a couple survived the snails without any damage, the others are a little battered but still growing.  As you can see, the strongest plant is now in bloom and there’s even a baby pea pod! […]