Stocking a Freezer – and a Fish Recipe – Smoked Cod

Smoked Cod II

Smoked Cod with Dill, Peas and Potatoes: Moving house, with a plethora of things to remember, it was easy enough to overlook the fact that my normally well stocked freezer would end up needing a complete refill.  Actually in many ways I’m rather enjoying the fresh start.  I’m planning a mini series of ‘what to […]

WorldFoods at the School of Wok – Masaman Roast Poussin

WorldFoods Masaman Roast Poussin

Wok Skills with WorldFoods and a Recipe for Masaman Roast Poussin: I’m a huge fan of the School of Wok.  Jeremy Pang’s compact cookery school is perfectly located on the edge of China Town and, having been to one or two events there previously, I’ve always come away with new skills and with recipes that […]

Gressingham Duck – A Special Dinner

Gressingham duck 3

Gressingham Duck Feature by Sarah James: Duck is a hugely underrated meat, and I can’t think why really. If you like beef, and you like chicken as well then duck is not exactly a mix of the two but trust me, you’d like it! The meat is also very low in fat, so if you […]

Diet Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

Butternut Squash and Sweet potato soup with Coriander

Diet Soup Recipe – Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato: I am not the most patient of cooks.  While I prefer to cook from scratch, I am quite prepared to take shortcuts.  And, although I would always recommend buying your vegetables ‘whole’, sometimes those little peeled and pre-diced packs look too useful to ignore.  On the […]

Pomegranate Cocktails

Pom Pomegranate cocktails 2

POM Wonderful Collaboration- Pomegranate Cocktails. Guest feature by Sarah James: I was set a challenge to make some cocktails using POM, and enjoy some delicious pistachio nuts at the same time.  I hesitated for a nano second… I had heard about pomegranates being a new ‘superfood’ and have used pomegranate molasses in cooking Persian dishes, […]

Not quite Nutella – Chocolate Nut Butter Recipe

Not quite nutella

Chocolate Nut Butter: There are things I wish I’d never tried making.  Mostly, as in this case, those things involve chocolate.  However, they are just a little too complicated to be a serious threat. And, mostly I can’t pretend they might be healthy.   So mostly I manage to limit my indulgence. Somehow, the fatal […]

Basic Chocolate Mousse

Balblair Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse – Ultimate Decadence and Unbelievable Simplicity: Easy recipes – those with one or two ingredients – are ultra hip at the moment.  I’ve already written posts about one ingredient banana ice-cream, three ingredient pancakes and a whole range of simple soup recipes.  And, while I haven’t yet posted them, I’ve been trying a […]

Celeriac and Cucumber Soup – Testing the Froothie

Froothie Soup

Celeriac and Cucumber – Raw Soup for Health: I tend to avoid smoothies.  It’s partly that I like my fruit with ‘bite’ and partly that I have a few food allergies and a few dietary guidelines which are specific to hypothyroidism.  One of the guidelines for anyone who is hypothyroid is to avoid uncooked or […]

Tilda Brazilian Supper Club and a Druv Baker Special

Brazilian Meatballs

Simple Meat Balls and a Brazilian Feast: Leaving writing up about the wonderful feast at the Tilda Brazilian Supperclub hosted by Luiz Hara with Druv Baker (of Masterchef fame)and Rosana McPhee has meant that my review would be a vague series of commendations. For that reason, I’m not going to try and pretend that I remember all […]

Healthy Asian Glazed Grilled Tuna for the 5:2 Diet:

Tuna in a mirin, soy and yuzu glaze

Glazed Tuna Steak – Healthy 5:2 Diet Recipe: A few weeks ago I was sent a little bottle of  Yutaka Yuzu to try.  For those who don’t know, Yuzu is a citrus fruit – related to lime – that is used a lot in Japanese cookery, often in the form of Ponzu – a soy […]

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