Basic Chocolate Mousse

Balblair Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse – Ultimate Decadence and Unbelievable Simplicity: Easy recipes – those with one or two ingredients – are ultra hip at the moment.  I’ve already written posts about one ingredient banana ice-cream, three ingredient pancakes and a whole range of simple soup recipes.  And, while I haven’t yet posted them, I’ve been trying a […]

Celeriac and Cucumber Soup – Testing the Froothie

Froothie Soup

Celeriac and Cucumber – Raw Soup for Health: I tend to avoid smoothies.  It’s partly that I like my fruit with ‘bite’ and partly that I have a few food allergies and a few dietary guidelines which are specific to hypothyroidism.  One of the guidelines for anyone who is hypothyroid is to avoid uncooked or […]

Tilda Brazilian Supper Club and a Druv Baker Special

Brazilian Meatballs

Simple Meat Balls and a Brazilian Feast: Leaving writing up about the wonderful feast at the Tilda Brazilian Supperclub hosted by Luiz Hara with Druv Baker (of Masterchef fame)and Rosana McPhee has meant that my review would be a vague series of commendations. For that reason, I’m not going to try and pretend that I remember all […]

Healthy Asian Glazed Grilled Tuna for the 5:2 Diet:

Tuna in a mirin, soy and yuzu glaze

Glazed Tuna Steak – Healthy 5:2 Diet Recipe: A few weeks ago I was sent a little bottle of  Yutaka Yuzu to try.  For those who don’t know, Yuzu is a citrus fruit – related to lime – that is used a lot in Japanese cookery, often in the form of Ponzu – a soy […]

Summer Dessert Brandied Banana Ice-Cream Baskets


Brandied Banana Ice-Cream Baskets: For me summer is the time of year when, instead of cooking too much, I concentrate on dishes that are simple, use a very few good ingredients and can be put together in minutes. The last thing I want to do when the sun is shining is to spend time stirring […]

Healthy Burgers? 5:2 Diet and Healthy Portobello Mushroom Burger

portabello mushroom burger ready to eat

Healthy Portobello Mushroom Burger: OK, I fibbed just a bit.  You probably CAN’T quite have your burger like this on a 5:2 diet fast day.  The bread roll adds a wopping 150 calories.  But, it’s just as delicious (though not quite as photogenic) without the bread, or with just the base, like a burger open […]

Coffee, Walnut and Banana Ice-Cream Sundae

Movenpick Sundae challenge

The Mövenpick Challenge – Coffee Walnut Ice-Cream Sundae with Banana: I seldom make desserts.  When I do they tend to be the kind of dish that can be put together quickly and with no hassle.  In fact I am just as likely to dish out good quality pre-made ice-cream or sorbet and simply top with […]

Two Steps Forward, One Back – 5:2 Diet Again – Cod with Shrimps

Cod with Brown Shrimp 5-2 Diet Recipe

Back on the 5:2 Diet – Summer Cod with Shrimps and a Vegetable Medley: Having hit my target weight at the end of 2013 with the 5:2 diet, I’ve lapsed. This year so far I’ve been to Puglia (lots of fabulous burratta – literally buttered  cheese and pasta), to Costa Barcelona (sounds healthy till you […]

Raspberry Eton Mess – Simple Summer Dessert

Raspberry Eton Mess

A Five Minute Dessert – Raspberry Eton Mess: Proper cooks would make their own meringues, but I seldom make dessert and when I do I generally want something I can put together really quickly.  While home made meringues can be wonderful, they take two to three hours to ‘cook’. Personally I’m quite happy with the […]

Rusty Nail on a Plate – A Decadent Father’s Day Dessert

Rusty Nail Chocolate and Whisky Dessert

Personalised Treats for Father’s Day – and a Sinful Chocolate and Whisky Dessert Guest Feature by Sarah James: My father is a young at heart 86 year old, who happens to enjoy a good single malt. Alexander and James do more than just stock some very nice drinks, they also offer an engraving service to […]

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