Chocolate Chip and Almond Cookies with Flora Buttery

Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies

(Nearly) Healthy Cookies with Flora Buttery: When I was asked to write a post about cooking with Flora I hesitated for a moment.  I don’t actually bake very often and although I do keep a tub of Flora Pro.Activ Buttery in the fridge, that has more to do with having raised cholesterol levels.  Swapping Pro.Activ […]

Stoli® Big Breakfast – a Cupboard Cocktail

Stoli Premium Vodka

Hair of the Dog Big Breakfast Cocktail from Stoli® Vodka: Stoli® Vodka have come up with some new ways to enjoy cocktails using readily available items in your kitchen and fridge. They are called the Stoli® Cupboard Cocktails – and that’s a blokes cupboard, so you don’t need to have anything wild and bizarre to create […]

Fennel Pollen and Orange Tarts for the Godiva Chocolate Challenge

Godiva chef making chocolate dipped strawberries

#CantBakeWontBake meets Godiva Chocolate – Fennel Pollen, Orange and Chocolate Tarts: While I am not the World’s most enthusiastic baker, the offer of free chocolate to take part in a baking challenge seemed like one not to allow to pass me by.  In my enthusiasm, I completely overlooked the closing date – and having said […]

Virgin Mary Soup – Sorted Food for the 5:2 Diet

virgin mary soup

Sorted Food with Lea & Perrins – Virgin Mary Soup: My Father enjoyed cooking.  Only a few dishes…curry, tomato soup, mince and tatties, fried breakfast and chips.  Occasionally, inspired by one of the TV chefs of the time (Graham Kerr otherwise known as the Galloping Gourmet was a particular favourite), he’d try to be creative […]

Cod with Lemon and Garlic Scapes – a simple way with Skrei

skrei cooked_edited-1

Skrei – Norwegian Cod – with Lemon and Garlic – a 5:2 Diet Recipe I enjoy cooking with fish – it is healthy, fresh, simple to prepare and generally low in calories.  So, I was curious to try Skrei – a line caught cod from the Lofoten Islands reknown for its unique texture and flavour. […]

Mexican World Tour – Simple Chicken Mole – #FlavourofTogether

Chicken Mole

Spicing it up with Simple Chicken Mole: A simple mole is something of a contradiction in terms.  According to Wiki an authentic mole will have anything from 20 to over 30 ingredients and will comprise at least 3 different chillis, in addition to ingredients to create a balance of five different taste sensations, including hot […]

Simple 5:2 Diet Tomato Sauce -with Non-Diet Sausages;)

Wild Boar and Apple Sausage with Tomato Sauce and Polenta

A Simple 5:2 Diet Friendly Recipe for Tomato Sauce – Served with Sausages and Polenta: Do you find that your 5:2 diet cookery spills over into the dishes you make for non-fast days?  I know I am far more conscious of the ratio of oils and fats, protein and carbohydrate than I was and that […]

Another 5:2 Diet Fast Day – Another Soup Recipe

Sweet Potato and Celeriac Soup with Pancetta

Celeriac and Sweet Potato Soup – a 5:2 Diet recipe: You know, I keep promising I won’t make more 5:2 diet recipe soups.  And then, I try to work out what I want to eat on my 5:2 diet fast days – and I keep coming back to soup.  Luckily there are an infinite number […]

Going Bananas about Brownies

Chocolate and Rum Banana Brownies

Chocolate, Rum and Banana Brownies: I am a big fan of the flavour combination of Chocolate, Rum and Banana.  I’ve already made a muffin recipe along those lines, but I wanted to experiment and try making brownies because I rather like having a few in the freezer that I can pull out and defrost for […]

More Cooking with Quorn for the 5:2 Diet #Vegetarian #LowCal

quorn stuffed peppers - 5:2 diet

Spicy Moroccan Style Mince Two Ways for a 5:2 Diet Fast: While in many ways living alone makes it easier to follow something like the 5:2 diet, cooking small quantities of food can be a challenge.  I am not keen on resorting to ready meals.  Partly because I enjoy the process of cooking and partly […]

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