Healthy Burgers? 5:2 Diet and Healthy Portobello Mushroom Burger

portabello mushroom burger ready to eat

Healthy Portobello Mushroom Burger: OK, I fibbed just a bit.  You probably CAN’T quite have your burger like this on a 5:2 diet fast day.  The bread roll adds a wopping 150 calories.  But, it’s just as delicious (though not quite as photogenic) without the bread, or with just the base, like a burger open […]

Coffee, Walnut and Banana Ice-Cream Sundae

Movenpick Sundae challenge

The Mövenpick Challenge – Coffee Walnut Ice-Cream Sundae with Banana: I seldom make desserts.  When I do they tend to be the kind of dish that can be put together quickly and with no hassle.  In fact I am just as likely to dish out good quality pre-made ice-cream or sorbet and simply top with […]

Two Steps Forward, One Back – 5:2 Diet Again – Cod with Shrimps

Cod with Brown Shrimp 5-2 Diet Recipe

Back on the 5:2 Diet – Summer Cod with Shrimps and a Vegetable Medley: Having hit my target weight at the end of 2013 with the 5:2 diet, I’ve lapsed. This year so far I’ve been to Puglia (lots of fabulous burratta – literally buttered  cheese and pasta), to Costa Barcelona (sounds healthy till you […]

Raspberry Eton Mess – Simple Summer Dessert

Raspberry Eton Mess

A Five Minute Dessert – Raspberry Eton Mess: Proper cooks would make their own meringues, but I seldom make dessert and when I do I generally want something I can put together really quickly.  While home made meringues can be wonderful, they take two to three hours to ‘cook’. Personally I’m quite happy with the […]

Rusty Nail on a Plate – A Decadent Father’s Day Dessert

Rusty Nail Chocolate and Whisky Dessert

Personalised Treats for Father’s Day – and a Sinful Chocolate and Whisky Dessert Guest Feature by Sarah James: My father is a young at heart 86 year old, who happens to enjoy a good single malt. Alexander and James do more than just stock some very nice drinks, they also offer an engraving service to […]

Back to the 5:2 Diet – Spicy Prawn Wraps

Chilli Prawn Wrap 5-2 diet

Dieting, Moving House and Spicy Prawn Wraps: I’m moving.  Or rather I hope I’m moving.  Life is just a little chaotic at the moment and to add to the chaos, I thought I’d be sorted out by now so I agreed to go on a couple of rather amazing press trips.   So, my normal […]

Watercress Soup With Quail Eggs for the #5:2Diet

5:2 Diet Recipe Watercress soup with quail egg

A Simple and Elegant Watercress Soup for the 5:2 Diet: Watercress is a brilliant ingredient for soups and this low calorie watercress soup is a great addition to any diet recipe collection.  The stalks in particular have a lovely peppery taste, though they can be just a little stringy.  Some recipes suggest using just the […]

Chocolate Chip and Almond Cookies with Flora Buttery

Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies

(Nearly) Healthy Cookies with Flora Buttery: When I was asked to write a post about cooking with Flora I hesitated for a moment.  I don’t actually bake very often and although I do keep a tub of Flora Pro.Activ Buttery in the fridge, that has more to do with having raised cholesterol levels.  Swapping Pro.Activ […]

Stoli® Big Breakfast – a Cupboard Cocktail

Stoli Premium Vodka

Hair of the Dog Big Breakfast Cocktail from Stoli® Vodka: Stoli® Vodka have come up with some new ways to enjoy cocktails using readily available items in your kitchen and fridge. They are called the Stoli® Cupboard Cocktails – and that’s a blokes cupboard, so you don’t need to have anything wild and bizarre to create […]

Fennel Pollen and Orange Tarts for the Godiva Chocolate Challenge

Godiva chef making chocolate dipped strawberries

#CantBakeWontBake meets Godiva Chocolate – Fennel Pollen, Orange and Chocolate Tarts: While I am not the World’s most enthusiastic baker, the offer of free chocolate to take part in a baking challenge seemed like one not to allow to pass me by.  In my enthusiasm, I completely overlooked the closing date – and having said […]

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