An Introduction to India – Chennai

women in chennai temple

Whistle-Stop Chennai: India, the second most populous Country in the world, culturally and linguistically diverse with over 1,000 languages is both incredible and intriguing on paper.  My first brush came not through visiting but through learning Indian Classical Dance in Malaysia when I was just six years old.  My fellow students, all Indian seemed lithe, […]

Amazing Oman

Grand mosque Oman

The Sultanate of Oman: I am a cynic at times.  Having spent much of my teenage school holidays travelling to visit my parents in Libya and Saudi Arabia I was determined not to be beguiled by the advertising slogan ‘Beauty has an address – Oman’. So, why visit Oman?  Well, of course I was curious […]

Staycationing in Wimbledon – Cannizaro House

Room - Cannizaro House 2

Cannizaro House – No Wombles but Plenty of Rabbits in Wimbledon: I’ve developed something of a taste for a London staycation.  For a start, there’s no worry about flights, passports or lost luggage.  Secondly, when you arrive you know your phone will work and you won’t get hit with an unexpected bill.  And finally there […]

Playing at Princesses – Castillo del Buen Amor Villanueva, Spain

Castillo de Buen Amor exterior 2

We Capture the Castle – Castillo del Buen Amor: When I agreed to be Catherine’s Godmother, I *think* perhaps I was a little confused about the role.  ‘Godmother’ after all must be close to ‘Fairy Godmother’, bringing with it an indisputable responsibility to make wishes come true and bring sparkle and fairy-dust into lives.  Well, […]

Playing at Princesses – Avila, Spain #BestSummerEver

Avila Cathedral

Walking the Walls – Avila Spain: Last year’s travels with my God Daughter took us to Barcelona.  This year a chance request to share ideas for my #BestSummerEver from Malibu resulted in a trip to play at being Princesses. Where better than along the borders of Spain and Portugal, where both countries are scattered liberally […]

There’s More Olive Oil in Puglia

Masseria Il Frantolio

The Olive Oil of Puglia: An Italian chef once remarked to me that food in Italy is effectively tribal.  From village to village, you’ll find claims that ‘the best’ or ‘the authentic’ pasta, ragu, cold meats, olive oil and even honey is found ONLY in that particular place.  So, a trip to Puglia visiting a […]

Cavalicious Tastings – #barcelonaesmoltmes

Barcelona Molt Mes - in the vineyard

The Cava Connection – Barcelona Es Molt Mes: I ­­­­have a particular love of sparkling wines.  And, while champagne will probably always be top of my wish-list, I’m really partial to a chilled glass of Cava – Spain’s own method champagnoise wine. About 95% of all cava is produced in Penedès area of Catalonia to the […]

Masserie Sotto Le Stelle – The Summer Solstice in Puglia

Trulli at Masseria Montedoro

Celebrating the Solstice Italian Style in the Masserie of Puglia: A couple of weeks ago I went to a presentation on the South Bank.  Puglia has been on my bucket list for some time.  This year, thanks to a soon to be released film, there’s some evidence that all of us are going to be […]

Definitely not a Last Resort – St James’s Club Antigua

St James's Club Spa

Rubbing Shoulders with the Stars at St James’s Club Antigua: It has been a while since I’ve flown long haul – older and perhaps a little grumpier the idea of flights between eight and ten hours out to Antigua and back home filled me with dread.  A necessary means to an end, I was grateful […]

Antigua – British Heritage in the Caribbean

Windmill at Betty's Hope

Hurricanes and Heritage – British Colonialism in Antigua: One of the best ways to escape the monotony of a long haul flight is to find a good film to watch. Flicking restlessly through the available movies on the Virgin Atlantic flight to Antigua I found ’Twelve Years a Slave’. On my bucket list since release, […]

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