First Impressions of Ljubljana

Ljubljana ceiling Slovenia

Ljubljana Slovenia – European Green Capital 2016: Guest post by Anna Van Leemputen Carpe Diem. When someone suggests you visit a country you are only vaguely aware of and have only ever passed through as a stopover on a journey to somewhere else, whilst also offering cycling on snow (and you are a bit of […]

Ljubljana Christmas Market and More

Slovenia Christmas

Christmas in Ljubljana, Slovenia: Guest Feature by Anna Van Leemputten When you don’t have much time to ‘shop’ and still take in cultural and sporting elements of a country, a Christmas market, which brings together very different arts and crafts, has an obvious attraction. Do not be mistaken when Ljubljana describes its market more as […]

What’s Great about Greenville

Greenville Falls Park

Greenville South Carolina – Four Weddings and a Feast: The enchanting miniature princess sharing the lift with me alone,was smiling and giggling on her way to the 10th floor of the Westin Poinsett .  Greenville,  South Carolina is the kind of place where people smile and talk to each other, what would seem bizarrely friendly […]

Divine Devon with Blue Chip Holidays

Stowford Manor Devon Pony Trekking

Downton Abbey Eat Your Heart Out: I love the West Country and find it such a beautiful and diverse part of the world.  Despite it being a fair journey from London, I take every opportunity I can to immerse myself in the rugged beauty of its coastlines and national parks or to explore the picture […]

A Day Trip West – Must-Visit Destinations from London


Stonehenge, Bath and More – A Day Trip to the West Country: I’ve lived in London for most of my adult life.  Brief excursions to the country, with an idea of making some attempt at rural living failed dismally.  Yet, I love the countryside, in particular the West Country where my mother grew up.  We […]

Autumnal Dublin – Halloween, Bram Stoker and More

Dublin Temple Bar

Dublin – A City of Contrast. The short flight from London to Dublin scarcely takes longer than the journey to and from the airports.  And yet, despite a common language, despite a similar climate and despite, in part, a shared history, Ireland and Dublin in particular is another world. The Dublin I remember from my […]

Mad about Margate

Margate Haeckels interior

A Day at the Seaside – Mad about Margate: It may not have been entirely wise to take myself off to Margate on a press trip with Visit England the day I got back from cruising the Mediterranean.  Apart from the fact that I didn’t get home till the wee small hours of the morning, there […]

Cruising the Mediterranean with MDFV

MDFV Simi panoramic

A Turkish Gulet Sailing Trip with MDFV – Health and Fitness on the Mediterranean: It’s ‘goolet’ not ‘gullet’  said Ali, our guide for a week-long health and fitness cruise around the Mediterranean.  However it should be pronounced, cruising in a traditional Turkish sailing vessel seemed like a particularly appealing way to spend the first week of […]

Bourbon, Beer, Brisket and Hot Browns in Kentucky (Part 1)

Bourbon - Town Branch Distillery Stills

From Lexington to Louisville – topping and tailing the Bourbon Trail: Kentucky, perhaps best known for horse racing and breeding, is also the heart of American bourbon.  As much an influence on food in the region as wine in France, with a heritage that goes back to early immigrants from Ireland and Scotland, I was […]

Live and Let Rye – A Day Out in 1066 Country

Rye Mermaid Inn

Rye, East Sussex – A Day Out in 1066 Country: I’ve been to Rye a couple of times but never really felt that I had enough time to explore properly, so it was great to be invited for a day out by the 1066 Country office, with my teenage son was coming along to give […]