1. Different pairings of Cornish Cheddar, with whisky, fortifies wines and sake
    very different tastes in the mouth. Served with fresh fruit e.g. Grapes and/or berries.

  2. A lot of informations about the aging process. Having a bit of whisky while testing the cheese sounds delicious. Never try it before. Definitely will try. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  3. Well, the header said Cheese and Wine – not much mention of wine, but to be fair there were several varieties of cheddar mentioned.

    I would recommend pairing the Vintage Cheddar with an Italian red wine called I Veroni and I think this would make a fine pairing.

  4. Interesting that Davidstow has a different fat percentage than other brands!

    I don’t drink alcohol so I always read these sorts of things with interest, hoping for some non-alcoholic pairings – but I guess most people aren’t interested in that 🙂

  5. Well i have learnt something new..
    Its the acid that can give you a sweaty forehead or burning tongue when eating cheddar.
    Often wondered why you get this with cheaper cheese

  6. I always associate Nathan Outlaw and his amazing food with Davidstow. A few years ago I have done a cooking class with Nathan and he was using Davidstow. Before that I never heard of it but since the cooking class I am only using Davidstow.

  7. How fascinating that just 3% between 32% and 35% makes such a difference to texture and flavour! It sounds like such an insignificant detail. Starving now, cheese for lunch 🙂

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