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A classic caramelised onion and anchovy tart from Nice

Course Appetizer
Cuisine French
Keyword anchovies, onions,, Provencal
Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 266 kcal
Author Adrian York


Pissaladiere Topping

  • 1 kg Onions Peeled and sliced
  • 6 large Garlic Cloves Peeled and sliced
  • 100 ml Olive Oil
  • 15 Salted anchovy fillets Rinsed
  • 15 Black Olives Halved and stoned
  • 1 tsp Salt and caster sugar Or adjust to taste

Fougasse Dough (you can cheat and use puff pastry if you prefer)

  • 250 g Strong white flour Plus extra for dusting
  • 6 g Fresh Yeast
  • 150 ml Lukewarm water
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 6 g Salt


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180°C/3500F/Gas Mark 4.

  2. Gently sweat the onion and garlic in a covered shallow pan with the olive oil, a teaspoon each of salt and sugar and 100ml water for about 10 minutes until soft and creamy.

  3. Remove the lid, turn up the heat and stir the onions for 15 minutes until they are a dark caramel colour.

  4. Sift the flour into a bowl. Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm warm water

  5. Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour in the water, yeast and oil.

  6. Mix until you form a dough.

  7. Turn the dough out onto your worktop, add the salt and knead for a further 6 or so minutes until it is very smooth.

  8. Place the dough back into the bowl and cover it with a damp tea-towel. Leave it in a warm place for an hour until the dough has doubled in size.

  9. Once this is done knead the dough again to knock out any air bubbles.
  10. Roll out the fougasse dough or puff pastry to fit a 20cm (8m) tin. If you are using puff pastry, prick it well.

  11. Spread your onions evenly over the base.,

  12. Decorate in a crisscross or lattice design with the anchovies, then fill the little holes with the olives.

  13. Bake the pissaladière for 20 minutes or so until the base is crisp and the top is dark gold.

Recipe Notes

for a vegetarian version, omit the anchovies or replace them with slices of charred red pepper