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Fiona Maclean

An award winning freelance marketing consultant and writer, my work over the last two years has focused on building a writing career and establishing my credentials in the blogging community.

Fiona Maclean – Recent Awards:

Face of New World Appliances (2012)
Winner of the To Tuscany Blogger Award (2012)
Winner of the Tuscany Now Blogger Award (2012)
Woman and Home top 100 Food Writers – Food and Travel (2013).
Avis Travel Blogger of the Year (2013-14)

Fiona Maclean – Public Speaking

Ladies in Blogging 2013 (London)
Blogaway 2013 (Abruzzo, Italy)

For more information about work I have done for other publications I’ve put some examples here and you can find more on my LinkedIn profile

I’m a Londoner.  I was born in London, but my parents then went on something of a world tour so I have childhood memories of Malaysia, Germany, Libya and Saudi Arabia as well as much of the UK.  Once I left home I rooted myself and ended up in London.  I’ve lived here for most of my adult life, with a few work related moves out of town (to Wiltshire, Warwickshire and Brussels).

Fiona Maclean in Malaysia

This blog started as an exercise in understanding social media.  I am a marketing professional.  I started my marketing career working for a restaurant group called ‘Kennedy Brookes’ which has long since disappeared.  But at the time we owned some great restaurants, including The Ivy and Bertorellis and ran some wonderful events like the Henley Music and Arts Festival.  I believe the group was quite revolutionary in its approach to restaurant marketing, thanks to Laurence Isaacson, one of the Board members who was also on the Board of a well known advertising agency at the time.  We also were blessed with one of the worlds greatest Restauranteurs, Roy Ackerman CBE and I hope that some of his passion and enthusiasm for well run restaurants serving great food rubbed off on me.  I moved on and ended up working for some very large organisations like the AA and Vodafone, before setting up my own marketing consultancy. In that context I wanted to get a better understanding of how blogging, facebook and twitter impacted consumer behaviour.  And, there’s nothing quite like doing it yourself to learn.

I discovered I enjoyed writing and the process of working out what to write.  For me, knowing that I am going to write something up for other people to read is a great way to make me think a little more about what I am doing and why.  It’s like putting on a pair of magic glasses that enables you to see things in more detail.  The challenge for me as a writer is to look for the essence of what I am doing and then find a way to communicate what I have experienced,  through words and photography.  I hope my writing is engaging as I genuinely love working on London-Unattached and have relished the opportunities it has given me.

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