• Whistle-Stop Chennai: India, the second most populous Country in the world, culturally and linguistically diverse with over 1,000 languages is both incredible and intriguing on paper.  My first brush came not through visiting but through learning Indian Classical Dance in Malaysia when I was just six years old.  My fellow students, all Indian seemed lithe,… [Continue Reading]

    An Introduction to India – Chennai
  • The Sultanate of Oman: I am a cynic at times.  Having spent much of my teenage school holidays travelling to visit my parents in Libya and Saudi Arabia I was determined not to be beguiled by the advertising slogan ‘Beauty has an address – Oman’. So, why visit Oman?  Well, of course I was curious… [Continue Reading]

    Amazing Oman
  • Cannizaro House – No Wombles but Plenty of Rabbits in Wimbledon: I’ve developed something of a taste for a London staycation.  For a start, there’s no worry about flights, passports or lost luggage.  Secondly, when you arrive you know your phone will work and you won’t get hit with an unexpected bill.  And finally there… [Continue Reading]

    Staycationing in Wimbledon – Cannizaro House
  • We Capture the Castle – Castillo del Buen Amor: When I agreed to be Catherine’s Godmother, I *think* perhaps I was a little confused about the role.  ‘Godmother’ after all must be close to ‘Fairy Godmother’, bringing with it an indisputable responsibility to make wishes come true and bring sparkle and fairy-dust into lives.  Well,… [Continue Reading]

    Playing at Princesses – Castillo del Buen Amor Villanueva, Spain
  • Walking the Walls – Avila Spain: Last year’s travels with my God Daughter took us to Barcelona.  This year a chance request to share ideas for my #BestSummerEver from Malibu resulted in a trip to play at being Princesses. Where better than along the borders of Spain and Portugal, where both countries are scattered liberally… [Continue Reading]

    Playing at Princesses – Avila, Spain #BestSummerEver


the New Angel Champagne Laurent Perrier

The New Angel

The New Angel in Notting Hill - Laurent-Perrier Champagne Tasting There are events that it would seem churlish to turn down and a last minute invite … [Read More...]

benihana fire

Benihana and an introduction to Wagyu

Benihana Review: Guest post by Natalie York Whilst Wagyu Beef has been available for a while now from American and European producers (there's … [Read More...]

Assado Goan Fish Curry

Assado – Portuguese Goan Cuisine in Waterloo

Exploring Colonial Influences in Indian Food - Assado: While fusion cuisine is all the rage, we tend to ignore the fact that every cuisine in the … [Read More...]

Ethos 5

Ethos, Oxford Street – Review

Vegetables are the new Black - A Review of Ethos: Nestling behind Oxford St in chi-chi Fitzrovia sits Ethos, a  new vegetarian restaurant with a … [Read More...]

Recipes (including 5:2 Diet)

Gressingham duck 3

Gressingham Duck – A Special Dinner

Gressingham Duck Feature by Sarah James: Duck is a hugely underrated meat, and I can’t think why really. If you like beef, and you like chicken as … [Read More...]

Butternut Squash and Sweet potato soup with Coriander

Diet Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

Diet Soup Recipe - Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato: I am not the most patient of cooks.  While I prefer to cook from scratch, I am quite … [Read More...]

Pom Pomegranate cocktails 2

Pomegranate Cocktails

POM Wonderful Collaboration- Pomegranate Cocktails. Guest feature by Sarah James: I was set a challenge to make some cocktails using POM, and … [Read More...]

Not quite nutella

Not quite Nutella – Chocolate Nut Butter Recipe

Chocolate Nut Butter: There are things I wish I'd never tried making.  Mostly, as in this case, those things involve chocolate.  However, they … [Read More...]

Balblair Chocolate Mousse

Basic Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse - Ultimate Decadence and Unbelievable Simplicity: Easy recipes - those with one or two ingredients - are ultra hip at the moment. … [Read More...]

Events in London

Tanqueray Gin Cocktail

Tanqueray at Home – Cocktail Pop-up Preview

Tanqueray at Home in the  private Georgian living room at Six Fitzroy Square:   That most quintessential of English drinks, gin, makes a … [Read More...]

Bam-bou Chivas event

In Pursuit of Excellent – Chivas at Bam-Bou

Learning to Blend Whisky at Bam-Bou with Chivas: I did initially wonder why a rather special Asian restaurant in Fitzrovia would be running a … [Read More...]

liquor tasting

Plateau – Free Trade Cocktails

Free Trade Cocktails at Plateau: Guest Post by Natalie York I was stunned to find out that there is only one company currently making Fairtrade … [Read More...]


2071 – Climate Change Imagined


Featured Posts

Eating competition

Trek America Food Challenge

Trek America Extreme Eating: Guest post by Natalie York For those of you keen to do a bit of Stateside exploring on a budget Trek America provides … [Read More...]


Aldi Wine Tasting

Aldi Wine Tasting. Feature by Lisa Hooper: Supermarket wine has come a long way in recent years and those of us who watch Saturday Kitchen often … [Read More...]


Sofitel Wine Days

Sofitel Wine Days at The Sofitel St James:     Sofitel are a global luxury hotel brand with style. Between September 29th and October … [Read More...]

chocolat chocolat bar 1

Chocolat Chocolat review just in time for #ChocolateWeek

Custom made chocolate bars from Chocolat Chocolat. Guest review by Sarah James: I have to admit to being a bit of a chocolate snob, whilst not … [Read More...]

Olive-It Cookery Event with Jose Pizarro

Olive-It Cooking Class with Jose Pizarro – Chicken Stew with Olives

Jose Pizarro's Olive-It Cooking Class: Regular readers of London-Unattached will know I am in the middle of moving house.  And, I've just come back … [Read More...]


Taste the difference chocolates 2

Taste the Difference Chocolates #Giveaway #Review

Tasting my Way to Happiness with Sainsbury's Taste the Difference: It's a well known fact that chocolate makes you happy. It contains tryptophan which helps to make serotonin, phenylethylalanine which combines with dompamine to act as an anti-depressant and theobromine which can make you 'high'. … [Read More...]

Olive it! recipe book - front cover

#Win an Olive It Recipe Book

WIN TWO OLIVE IT! RECIPE BOOKS Since Tapas is all about sharing, we've got one for you and one for your friend! AND there's a total of 12 prizes - so everyone is in with a chance of winning! A delicious ensemble of olive marinades, tapenades and tapas, this beautiful recipe book will spark … [Read More...]

Tea Towel Giveaway 2

#Giveaway and Review – Catherine Green Designer Tea Towels

Catherine Green Designer Tea Towels Do you need something to brighten up your kitchen.  I was lucky enough to be sent one of these beautiful nature inspired Catherine Green Tea Towels to review.  Digitally  printed on heavy duty cotton drill, it's smart enough to frame and hang on the wall,with … [Read More...]

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